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Anyone can have a web page today, even people who shouldn't procreate, so don't forget to check this orgy of stupidity, banality, illiteracy, cacophony, bad taste, incompetence and idiocy once in a while for a good laugh. Expect this list to grow beyond proportions (as a function of time) since I'll be adding more entries as time allows. Here are some jewels, for your unending edification.

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  1. The Truth is from God. This francophone muslim moron thinks he's the next big prophet who's destined to lead us to God's true message, according to one Sura of the Koran! Seriouly: Check the "about" section of his web page. Loads of messages and videos (check his YouTube channel out) on bullcrap muslim revisionism, but not a word on what's really needed in Islam: Passive and non-violent re-interpretative Islamic revisionism. Thinks poor Donald is the Antichrist! No photo or name anywhere on the website. Stinks of fundamental Muslim terrorism from a mile away. Thinks I am a "demon" in human form and that I am disclosing "satanic" secrets on YouTube. Should be sprayed with BayGon Green for disinfection, until he vomits 2kgs of cockroaches from his Muhammadan infection, then put to work as a courier delivering packages with a 50cc Yamaha moto to see if he can make an extra buck, instead of having the nerve to ask people to buy his kooky "books" about Armaggedon interpretative Islam.
  2. crank DOT net. Largest compendium of pseudo-scientific stupidity on the net!
  3. losers DOT org. A bit outdated, but still the biggest loser compendium on the net!
  4. Moral Mathematics! That's what we need more of, today! More "moral" mathematics! From the pages of Doreen Dotan. She studies "linguistic anomalies in the Dead Sea Scrolls" and she is "Queen of the Laputans Manque". She even has a youtube channel, where she explains it all. Half-way through the video, I almost vomited. God help us all.
  5. Authors in sci.physics by rank. Famous idiot of sci.physics, Jeff Relf compiles a huge sci.physics author list, which later gets posted on the NatScience.com forum, with the picture of archmoron Eric Gisse standing and half sleeping, to give us a taste of wonderful things to come!
  6. A Garden in Riotous Bloom. Girlie seeks advice on how to break my program's code and in doing so publicizes the code so that everyone can see it. More like "Stupidity in Riotous Bloom".
  7. Zim Mathematics. Zim has either been taking LSD or hallucinogenic mushrooms or something else such. It's hard to say what, judging from his equations.
  8. Paminifarm. Hates The Jews!, but believes in Jesus. Has created what is probably the largest compendium of anti-semitic links on the planet. Likes cats. Totally bonkers. She should be put to work on a kibbutz in Israel teaching the Torah to young kids under the supervision of secret Mossad agents for a living.
  9. Kent Paul Dolan. Here's a man who thinks he can pass as interesting or intelligent. Famous Usenet legend and distinguished know-it-all, he did so well, he managed to become homeless for a number of years and had a whole Usenet newsgroup dedicated to him: alt.bonehead.kent-paul-dolan. Everyone related to him, from ex-wife to children, have promptly distanced themselves from his whereabouts. Believes Jews are the descendants of Ancient Hebrews, but modern Greeks are not the descendants of Ancient Greeks. Has an ego the size of the Manhattan Bridge and is under the impression that he is scientifically trained and therefore his opinion counts, just because he served in the navy for a few years and had a couple of math courses in college. Stubborn as a castrated mule. Arguing with him is like conversing with an Eliza-like bot which spews pre-programmed textual nonsense on demand. Unfortunately he flunked intelligence long time ago. Should be put to work as a truck-driver for garbage collecting trucks.
  10. The Mister-Computer Science and Math WEB PAGE. Feast your eyes on oodles of nonsense. From prime gaps, to volume "tones" and shapes of sums. Truck-loads of spelling mistakes. He offers consulting services, too!
  11. Tom Potter's World. It is his perception [sic] that currently defined number systems, including naturals, integers, reals, complex, surreals, etc, present distorted views of reality, are inefficient, and express quantities with too much uncertainty. Alrighty! Give us some alternate theories Tom!
  12. Adrian Ferent. Long time ago, lunatics thought they were animals: Dogs, cats, roosters... Evolution has taken a strange turn and today this guy thinks he is a... wave-function. He even wrote a book with his very own evolution theory to explain all the details. Don't miss his quotations!
  13. George Hammond. The mathematical-physics proof that the God of the Bible exists and God as the history of the universe's curvature. Or something such. The nonsense is so monumentally mind-boggling, even Ph.D. scientists may fail to debunk it.
  14. James Harris' Math blog. Terabytes of English nonsense and at least 20 years of experience with repeated failures and ridicule in mathematics. Mathematics is a harsh and unforgiving mistress to some.
  15. The Obama New World Order. Is Obama the Antichrist? Purchase his useful New World Order report cheap to find out. Don't miss it, because he is under threat of taking it off-line! Hurry!
  16. VASOS PANAGIOTOPOULOS (All caps). He is very opinionated but likes least those WITHOUT opinions! He THINKS that 80% of academics, politicians and homeless are paranoid schizophrenics! He TAKES scientists, managers and bankers and EITHER GETS brain pulp OR a successful company... He is divorce counsellor to PhD dropouts and he EATS people's HEADS for breakfast. He TRIES to put together EITHER biotech, med device OR math (engineering/finance) software firms but usually ends up getting paid mostly in "wallpaper" (as-yet worthless pieces of the resultant new ventures). Me thinks he is a perpetual failure and a MEGALOMANIAC NUT with a BIG MOUTH, who should be shot on sight.
  17. David Ullrich. Mathematics professor at Oklahoma State University. Participated often in the newsgroup sci.math. Has a great talent for derogatory insults, discouragement, nasty sarcasm, confusion, misunderstanding and making the simple and obvious infinitely complex and confusing. Seems like he doesn't have any better business except trying to prove that everyone is either clueless, ignorant or illogical or all three together. Check out his let's-all-pretend-we-don't-understand-Galidakis'-question comments under a relatively simple question of mine! He probably thinks all Mathematicians except him are insane or have taken evil vows to overthrow him from his position. Has written a book in Complex Analysis. If I wanted to UN-learn Complex Analysis, I'd buy it. If you want your kids to hate and fear math for the rest of their lives, send them to OSU to take a couple of math courses with him. Guaranteed results! Writes in his math.SE Profile's About: "Nothing about me is of any interest whatever.". Godamn right, for once! Especially after I bashed you and your book to death by the paragraph above. Should be put to work lifting produce boxes at the local super-market for a living and leave Complex Analysis for the adult kids who trully have a healthy and sarcastic sense of humor, not chicken-sh*it cowards who hide under their University's professor "position" and bash newbies to death because of minor mistakes. Seeya Laters Davoud.
  18. DonAntonio. Some anonymous random math teacher at some random crappy US school. He writes in his Profile's About Section, complaining about a supposed "injustice" that stems from lack of justification for "upvotes/downvotes": "I can't agree anymore with the site's outlines of working and neither with the site's administration "making of justice" and direct insinuations of misuse, without possibility of defending oneself and without being able to retort absurd accusations and other nonsenses.",... and further up suggests: "If the site would also require from people to write down shortly their personal background in mathematics and this would appear in peoples' profiles then we'd avoid many, many misunderstandings in answers.". Oh, sh*t. We now have to display our credentials to justify our upvotes/downvotes so misunderstandings "do not occur". Wuzz Up, Don Anthony, doc.? What about all the ANONYMOUS users of math.SE who have rep.s in the order of 100K or more? Like you, perhaps? Or your fellows in [47.]? How did you manage to "avoid misunderstandings" with those dudes? Or didn't you? Perhaps you can't "avoid misunderstandings", because you are an INCOMPETENT and NASTY racist anti-Greek moron, who considers his opinion IMPORTANT, as if you are important enough for us to give an actual sh8t? Here's what this idiot comments below one serious question on tetration [parenthetical remarks mine]: "With all due respect for tetration (very little(!), as far as I am concerned), this is one truly ugly(!) result, imf(!)ho. I really hope they can find some good application of this, either in some applied or pure mathematics field, in some "real life" one or whatever, otherwise it is going to remain just an ugly result. The question though is interesting: how did they get it? +1 – DonAntonio Apr 6, 2014 at 11:19". There you have it folks: One nasty and evil m@therf*cker, who instead of commenting something nice about a fairly interesting result which took me around 6 months to evaluate, he craps his m(@ther) f(*cking) "h(umble)" o(pinion) - I mean, can you say "correct mathematical aesthetics", here, or what? in a public Mathematics forum, with around 400,000 international readers against my result. Never mind that there's no such thing as "ugly math", except only in pseudo-math or numerology, because aesthetics in Mathematics is a function of rigor, and not beauty. Hehe! And then..., he suddently gets it coming from my answer. Leroy Quet and Robert Israel UP YOUR @RSE, moron! I mean, being ignorant in tetration and staying quiet is one thing. Being ignorant and pronouncing AN OPINION on the... mathematical aesthetics of a result you have no clue about, is probably the epitome of moronic stupidity, if not something bigger. Than my scratchy and smelly @rse, that is. Yoohoo! DonAntonio! The referee of the corresponding journal article UP YOUR @RSE, TOO! Put my Thesis at the Agricultural U of Athens, UP THERE, TOO, while you are at it. So, like you say in your Profile's About section: "I hereby shall stop my participation in this site at once. This is sad to me...", Yeah. It's really sad for me to see you go, too. And please don't forget, GOOD f@cking RIDDANCE and say hello to your next crappy school job, idiot.
  19. Ioannis Lymperopoulos. Apparently some sort of random "doctoral candidate" in Switzerland. When he saw my biography on Wikipedia on Modern Greek Mathematicians, he requested that it be removed, because in his opinion(!) I was "unknown" and of "no importance", despite having absolutely no clue about what my work was or how it impacted the mathematical community. In the same league as Ephialtes or other traitors: Greeks who are clueless, jealous and aggressive towards other Greeks, because other Greeks' fame might accidentally impede their own personal agendas. An excellent example of why modern Greece never prospers: With "Greeks" like him, we don't need enemies. If he was worth a fart, he would be doing his Ph.D. in Greece, not in the land of cheeses and clocks. He should never be allowed to get any kind of "Ph.D." and he should certainly stay away from Greece. Frauds like him are the true reason modern Greece is sinking.
  20. Ludwig Korelli. Nome de guerre of Charles A. Gazzari, amateur baroque composer. Contacted me to congratulate me for some of my fugues, sent me most of his baroque compositions for evaluation (even calling me "maestro") and afterwards immediately attempted to proselytize me with christian nonsense. After I refused to be brainwashed by his disgusting proselytism and ideas, he called me "schizophrenic". If he had the slightest clue about science, he'd be dead from the stress. He should be put to work as a conductor of newly-formed, bad and noisy rock bands for a living.
  21. Archimedes Plutonium. The "King" of Science. Rarely, if ever, anyone has managed to acquire so much reputation with so much published bullshit. From P-adic primers to "correcting" present day mathematics, "correcting" Euclid's proof of the infinitude of primes, brain-locus theories and solving Global Warming to building Earth's first planetary air-conditioner. Not to mention OCCAMS RAZOR APPLIED TO HISTORICAL JESUS and exposing the optimal strategy of playing chess. Thinks that the Bible is a current physics textbook. This man's a genius. George Lucas should hire him to write the next trilogy of Star Wars of the Insane. Cannot be argued with. Has a propensity for erroneous syllogisms and, what's worse, insists that erroneous arguments are correct. He should be disinfected with germicidal UV radiation and then castrated, for our safety and the safety of generations to come.
  22. Gerald Kelleher (oriel36) (Doesn't have a web page, so Martin Nicholson's page is shown here). Most famous troll lunatic of newsgroup sci.astro.amateur. Simulates stupidity, to annoy and confuse. Conversing with him is harder and more futile than conversing with Jehovah's Witnesses. Should be disinfected, sterilized and sent to the Moon to mine Mercury for a living.
  23. Ed Conrad. Thinks that the size of the known universe... is as insignificant as a grain of sand on the ocean floor in comparison to the size of the UNKNOWN universe, which is out there and which Ed has visited by travelling there, meeting other humans (there). Me thinks he should lay off the ganja and should be put to work performing Complex Integration with very convoluted contours, without mistakes for a living and under penalty of death.
  24. Lakis Velotris. Probably the largest identity con ever imagined on the net. Name is fake, photo is fake, identity is always fake. Nobody knows who he is, what he looks like or where he lives. Poses as of Greek origin on Facebook and uses a retarded fake photo to continuously berate Greeks, but most of his contacts therein are fake. Switches newsgroup identities often and frequently participates in Greek forums via anonymous newsgroup servers using vile and disgusting language, insults and abominable behavior against any Greek he deems questionable. Creates fake sock-puppet identities to make participants think that they are being attacked and at the same time defends the attacked through another sock-puppet id. Sock-puppets created so far include: "stef", "sarxxx", "Theodore Mavroidis", "Asteriades", "Sean-Ruttledge", "sigge", "ADR", "The Peeler", "The Reverend", "john jones", "L8 nuz", "Mystikos Praktor", "Dorian West", "Thanos Massias", "Jason Lambro", "Andrew Kasabi", "Yiorgos Tsolakis" (Solakis, SALAKis), "Kostas Papafloratos", "Nicolas Krinis PT", "Professor Konstantinos Papathanasopoulos", "Dimitrios (Demetre) Xenos", "Adeimantos", "John Papadimitriou", "Manos Grepas", "Dionysios Pylarinos", "CUNTICA" and many others. Pretends he only knows "broken" Greek through some sock-puppets to confuse and insult, but can speak fluent Greek through other sock-puppets, hence he has been born in Greece. If you participate in any Greek forums, he can be anyone or no one, even eponymous posters. You can never know, until he attacks you, through a suitable sock-puppet identity. Possibly the most rabid "Greek" anti-semite and anti-Turk (whenever it suits him) ever born. If he ever steps foot in Greece and the Greek police finds out who he is, they will double his body volume from the beating he'll get. If you see his photo on your facebook page, run for your life. This name is virtually synonymous to fraud, vileness and stench.
  25. Theodore Mavroidis and handle "tedblack" Vile, stentchy and vulgar Jewish-Greek knowit-all in the financial sector & Politics. Actually went to the trouble of searching the entire net to find ANY info he could about me to berate me internationally on Usenet after I dared question his "authority" on financial matters. Check out the verbal beating he got from other users as a result of his attempted stupidity. He took the initiative to take my wiki biography down, after he decided that I was Greek "trash" in need of ... elimination(!) Here's what he got (πούσε ρε ΠΑΛΙΟΜΟΥΝΑΡΑ θοδωράκη-Αστεριάδη, Σκατοειδή?) in exchange for his eagerness to downplay a fellow Greek. Never mind the hundreds of other wiki pages he's deleted since, where he's trying to argue reasonably that he's not a racist Turkish-hating piece of bovine t*rdy, using multiple sock-puppet wiki handles. He often contributed anti-Turkish edits to Wikipedia, but was eventually banned from editing any Wikipedia content using a known handle. He may still contribute using only an unknown temporary IP. Being a total fraud, he's only worked in the Stock-Market business in Britain for Sempra Ltd., but was eventually discovered and thrown out. Check his credentials at LinkedIn! Ph.D. graduate from Imperial College London in Laser and Optical Engineering! Is that why you went further and got an MBA from Yale, blokey? Cause you're SO good with a Ph.D. in Optical Engineering that you need to get an additional MBA to make a living? Right. I have a Ph.D. in Astronautics to Alpha Centauri, too! No photo of him anywhere! Doesn't live in Greece, because he's another perpetual failure con-job loser who wants to voice his worthless opinion, but hasn't found any interesting ways yet, except through Usenet & LinkedIn, where all his ..."resignations" from major companies can be wittnessed. Should be put to work lifting produce boxes in the Pireus Agora and paid a good will maximum wage of 5€/hr on penatly of Death if his stock financial advice fails. Because he can't do even that, he currently resides in tUrkeE, pretending he is a joo-ish secret agent, defending Mr. Erdogan's International Politics with fervor and enthusiasm!
  26. Band Technology. Tim is an engineer, who has created the famous "polysign numbers", which are a "family" of number systems having a natural number of signs(!). From his site: To understand these "numbers", you must abandon tradition and this will feel harmful to your perception which is based in real numbers. I think Tim wants to hurt us. With nonsensical "identities" such as - x + x * x # x = 0. He continues: The general "elegant" identity of polysign numbers, is ∑s=1nsx=0, where s is sign and x is either a magnitude or an n-signed value. Did you get that? No? Neither did I. Because it's nonsense. He should be put to work reprogramming all NASA orbiter projects, using "polysign" numbers, under penalty of death if the orbiters fail.
  27. Moderator of Forum Realidade. Thinks that Hidradenitis Suppurativa is something to be made fun of. Let's give him the disease to see how much fun he'll have, then. He looks like a fucking retard and moron anyway and retards need to have their problems compounded, otherwise they occupy valuable space in the gene pool and on the net and never learn. Good fucking riddance, loser.
  28. DSpace@NTUA, Diploma Dissertation. The objective of the dissertation at hand is the study of the utility(!) of a cadastral Information System within the banking sector(!?). More specifically, the study concerns the areas of development(!), the quality of services(!) and marketing as well as activities regarding the relation between descriptive and spatial data(!) and the necessity of their parallel utilization(!) and study in order for integrated and reliable conclusions to be drawn. Dissertation author: me?! What the...?! Somebody trying to pass as me, doing a diploma dissertation on nonsense economics and topography at the National Technical University of Athens! Let's check: Who's this guy's father? The head of the Hellenic Cadastre, accused by the Greek legal system of embezzlement of hundreds of thousands of Euros. Greek justice is still trying to figure out if this guy is a fraud or not and his son is doing a dissertation at NTUA? Right. I mean, how else would he be able to get a job as a topographer in his dad's sponsored new busy-busy? Wuzz UP, alter ego Johnny? Is your dad a topographer, an architect, an agronomist, or a commuting expert? Maybe all four[76]? How many "fathers" do you actually have dude? No photos of these two anywhere on the net. I dread to think what will happen to them, when the real person with this name finds out. In this country, if you are not ready and always on your guard, they will steal everything from you. From your underwear, to your name. Watch out!
  29. Johannes Bauer. Take a cute idea by John F. Simon, Every Icon. Stir well, squeeze brain and apply to chess, finding an upper bound for all chessboard configurations. Present finding to sci.math and what do you get? A random loser kraut clown who has never contributed anything of value to the newsgroup, suddenly showing up and complaining that it's not a big deal, unless all legal configurations are calculated (duh!), so he sets forth to code the little idea in C: Me too, me too! I can do it too, so look at me, everyone! German genius at work! Check the verbal beating he got as a response to his monumental stupidity. He says he likes being impressed. Let's see how impressed he'll be when he sees his name and retarded photo on this web page.
  30. Cannaweed's Toutes de Spectres. Forum contributor Meule, says about my article: he (me) says that HPS is not the ideal choice, so I tend to believe (he tends to believe, but he is not sure, yet...) that the article's statements are those of lumen marketing companies galore. Don't you just love it when incompetents and illiterates from France express an opinion about scientific work? If he understood the math behind the article, he'd fart blood-bubbles from the stress. They should force him to smoke ganja grown with UV LEDs and when he sobers up, they should irradiate him with those same LEDs, until he gets blisters from the UV burns and until he understands the aforementioned article.
  31. The Official Site of Prime Minister of the Kingdom of God Serge Grishenkoff. Did you know the Kingdom of God has already been established and the official Prime Minister of it is now Serge Grishenkoff? Has a bank, benefits, companies and bounties. Has began work already and exterminates(!) all jewish, perverse(!), rebellious(!!), or other than itself or its registered Japhetic (White) Christian (all those of Europe, save Malta and Albania; Russia, Canada, US, Australia and New Zealand) or Semitic (Yellow) or Hamitic (Black) Christian. Muslim or Pagan (all others) Constituencies... In other words, another fringe lunatic on the loose with too much time on his hands. Should be sent to Mars to mine iron for a living and establish his "Kingdom of God" there.
  32. PsiPog.net: Science is Evolving. From the site: PsiPog stands for Psychic Students In Pursuit Of Guidance(!), and on these pages you will find over 90 free articles on psychic topics ranging from psychokinesis to out of body experiences. Telepathy, Empathy, Clairvoyance, Psi Balls, Shields, Constructs, Seminars and Classes(!). Wait a minute: Seminar and Classes for what? For fake/imaginary/fraudulent pseudo-science? Science certainly is evolving, but what this guy has on this web site isn't science. It's more like carefully collected unadulterated bullshit of the highest level, to say the least. From Sean Connelly, formerly known as "Peebrain". Well, what can I say? It figures.
  33. Lp-Inner Light-One Universal Mind-The Art of Remote Viewing and Influencing-Oneuniversalmind.com. As a kid he's always experienced flashes of intuition(!), out of body experiences(?), and even detailed remote viewing experiences. So from an early age, he knew that there was more to what meets the eye. So he studied everything(!) under the sun that had to do with mind power, multiple universes(!), the subconscious, higher purpose, and global consciousness. The wisdom here is BIG. It's changed his life and he knows it'll change yours too! Discover how to break free from The Matrix. Read The Matrix Report! Allows you to create your desired reality(?!), now! Tumble down further the rabbit hole! Is it me or does this guy have an obsession with the movie The Matrix and thinks that it describes reality? If so, somebody needs to give him a wake-up call, cause he is still dreaming. Questions from the web site:
    1. Do you want to wake up in the morning feeling 100% fulfilled? I do not like to wake up at all in the morning. Never MIND 100% fulfilled.
    2. Do you fantasize about your dream career but end up going to work with dread on Mondays? No. I fantasize about chicks with large boobs.
    3. Do you feel that you are meant for something more than what your current reality holds for you? Yes. I am meant for sorting out the nonsense on the internet.
    4. Do you want to discover and use the full power of your mind, including both your conscious and subconscious? I am using the full power of my mind. Take a peek.
    Plus he'll be connecting with Gerald O'Donnell, a top remote viewer(!) and universal consciousness expert(!), so that you will have the most up to date interviews, articles, and messages from him. Fucking GREAT! WTF is a universal consciousness expert? Can I be one, too? From Michael Jura. His last name in Greek translates as "toking". Methinks he should lay off the ganja, a bit, cause he's confused reality with insanity.
  34. Kelvin and Nanometers Forum user "snaggy" (who's able to roll a joint and holds a sheep for later use), writes: "Good question I would also like to know. There has(!) to be a relation, otherwise how would plants grow under LED and nm alone (plants now grow under nm alone(!)), or CFL, HID & kelvin alone (Kelvin alone too!). Yet I cannot find any substantial facts anywhere on the net with the relation of the two. In a CFL post I was asking for a CFL kelvin/nm chart of the most common cfl spectrums... Here mentions abit of the relationship nm and kelvin....... Yet I cannot make shit of their graph charts to understand it. Would sure be good to see some real substantial grapgh charts in relation to kelvin and nm." Mentions "abit", but he "cannot make shit" of their graph charts. Can you spot a RETARD when you see one? You cannot make shit of my graph charts, because you are an ILLITERATE RETARDED FUCKING MORON, meboy. This RETARD is allowed to smoke ganja and endeavors to grow his own plants. God help us all from the idiocy of some people. I dare not think what Ganjika will do to him if he smokes any of his own plants. They will probably find him with eyes plucked out, keeping company to Blair Witch.
  35. Nawab Pasha! Vice Principal(!) & Head of the department of Comp. Sc. at npsience.com. Intellectual property thief GALORE from India! Didn't bother to even ask for my permission to copy this entire web page of mine from this web site into their server, after re-editing it with WORD and removing irrelevant code, title, version, tracker code, etc. Now Google will cache their crappy web site and will steal bandwidth from this one on searches. Fucking GREAT! These guys cannot do science. They are incompetents. They don't know how to do science. If they knew, they'd value intellectual property accordingly. It sort of figures: They've been herding cows since goodness-knows when and when it comes to learning science, they immediately steal whatever they can lay their hands on. Particularly since they are obsessed with spectroscopy, given their tradition with Raman which gave them some minor fame. HELLO?! Science is not done by stealing entire web pages! He should be put to work doing spectroscopic analysis on shortwave UV light from Mercury Vapor Lamps, under penalty of death. Best of luck next time, Nadu.
  36. Sean Dietrich. Another random intellectual thief galore. Copied parts of my music web page about Bach, including some of the more famous quotes and attributions about him into his web page and blog without the slightest attribution. Well, the quotes I can understand. But the prose, too? Only with small changes. Expects comments in his blog, too! WTF?! Artist creativity at its best! Somebody should explain to all these fakes that creating something worthwhile, even simple prose, is hard, so seeing it stolen should be punished accordingly, but I doubt they'll ever get it. I'd expect a little better from someone who appreciates Bach's music and certainly much better from someone who says he values Gospel and church music. But, alas, not all Bach fans are venerable. Better luck next time, sport.
  37. Androcles!. Have you read Einstein's Theory of Relativity (EToR)? Do you understand Einstein's Theory of Relativity? Here's a man obsessed with debunking EToR, at any cost, even at the cost of his own life! Possibly one of the most disgusting, abominable and emetic denizens of USENET newsgroups, always using foul and rude language on regular posters and Ph.D. physicists. Gets in a newsgroup, points out all so-called "relativistic" thinking errors by other posters, calling them "zealots" of the Grand Religion of Relativity of Uncle Einstein, shits on the newsgroup floor a giant BULL-turd and leaves, in search and hopes of other USENET newsgroups which will (for a while) tolerate his abysmal ignorance and vileness. Has tried so far sci.astro and sci.physics, and now he's onto sci.astro.amateur. Couldn't get a good audience on the previous two. Too many "deluded" professionals and "relativists"... Can engage in a hostile argument even Uncle Al! His explanations of why Relativity is WRONG, are more complex and confusing than Einstein's equations themselves. Confronting him requires at least 2 Ph.D.'s: One in Physics, a second in Math. Insane with rage against anything/anyone which/who mentions Relativity/Einstein. Mention Newton with pink Unicorns and bullhorns and you'll be safe. Looks like a lunatic too! Don't miss his web-page. If you can understand anything from his grand-nonsense "physics", ring me a bell so I can award you that famous lamp-stand reward with the woman's foot on it.
  38. Child Memories!This Facebook page always shows when I search Google images under my last name. I tried searching for my name in its announcements, tried disassembling the page, tried looking at it using a fake Facebook account, tried just about any imaginable way to find out how my last name is involved in it. No success. And it STILL shows up when I Google images under my last name. The toys and dolls shown on this Facebook page, are roughly very similar to those sold during my childhood. I may even have owned some very similar ones. Now, the question is, who (or why would someone) go to such extensive trouble to collect and commerce (21 people behind this business?) similar crap that brings about memories of things I don't want to remember? In a page that somehow involves my last name[2]? Good question, right? I'll let you brood in it a bit, after you consult this, this, and this. Then, just follow the breadcrumbs. If the first thing that pops to mind is innocent-looking diabolic VOODOO (Teddy Bear, Dromokaition, Rx Prescription for "name"), then you are getting close. Otherwise, dolls and puppets give me the creeps.
  39. Efsyn, the newspaper of the editors(!) Same (or very similar) reasons as for above item [37.] Shows under Google search for my (and my father's) last name, but the name itself is nowhere to be found[3]. What's to be found in this editorial? Just your average anarcho-communist, pseudo-progressive, pretentiously historical b*llcrap, with supposed references to the violence during the Polytechnic Uprise, in which my father was NOT involved[11], [13]. In plain words, an indirect and sinister (hidden) accusative blow against my father's reputation for being a violent fascist and one of the factors responsible for the actual violence against the stupid communist brats who now proudly take credit for liberating Greece from "fascism". Even using a reverse psychology(!) title: "Βίαιοι, βρόμικοι, αναρχικοί" ("Violent, dirty, anarchists"(!)) supposedly said by... the government who tried to suppress the revolt? Here's to another communist genius at work, "Tasos Kostopoulos": The pseudo-revolting(!?) elements were very well known to be stupid and uneducated self-proclaimed communist students, bob. Somebody else labeled them "Violent, dirty, anarchists" and it wasn't Papadopoulos, bob. Gid up on Ioannides and Co.[23], [25], bob.
  40. Yiannis Parlapipas. Fake Quora profile. Fake credentials, fake living location, and a supposedly keen and "witty" sense of humor amidst a cyclone of bullcrap answers, all custom-made to make it look like I'm behind this profile. Correlate my first name, my last name, my profession, some of my hobbies, and his fake "last" name and you've got a hit. The next to latest manifestation of the vile idiot in [24.], who's always looking for new "ingenious" ways to annoy me in the net, having nothing better to do with his life, besides pulling his dong 24/24 to make it longer. Latest pordoeides emanation: this dude, even with a gautee and polarized sun screen gels, made to look like me! The bloke must've had some major abuse problems by his father.
  41. Bach Quotes!. Great webpage! With dynamically changing links, which disappear or change when back-loading or don't admit right-click action to open on a new window. Created in about 7-10 minutes using some cheapo webpage maker, like Yahoo's Website Builder, full of non-copyable text, drowned in oodles of multiple links and labyrinth subsections which lead to the inevitable Terms and conditions page when "using these pages", that looks like the illogical manifesto of an insane lawyer paid to copyright defend an absurd webpage Opus. Tens of quotes about and by Bach WITHOUT quotes, by all kinds of fascistas and dubious quality artists, except EXACTLY for the ones I have on my music page by some serious composers. YooHoo! Copyright on ALL Bach's works has expired since the 18-th century, you genius, you... And so have the quotes I have on my music section and ALL and ANY serious quotes by serious artists, provided you quote them by name. He even points to his YouTube channel with the name "increasing calls" to increase his YouTube traffic by showing off my favorite Scarlatti Sonata! Can you spot a pretending "Bach fan" or a fake Christian? No? Try again after looking at his photo on his about page. YooHoo! That's not the face of any serious Bach fan bloke, more like the face of a con clown who delights in creating duplicate work or downplaying already existing work by others. Oh, and btw, if you wanted to "devote" work in the name of Bach, I'd rather listen to any actual MUSICAL tributes that were the result of your "personal background as a choir singer" (παπαδοπαίδι ο μαυροειδής!), instead of 1,000 quotes which anyone can grab from his nearest kindergarten library. If poor Bach saw this webpage, he'd probably pull out his little sword and murder the designer under a nightlight. Some major Opus project this webpage, is, indeed. This guy's IQ goes monotone decreasing as time goes by... Good luck with your next major "private project", blokey.
  42. Mike Massen (Ba Electronic Engineering 1976-1982 W.A.I.T. Bentley). Wouldn't have noticed this half d*ck, except he keeps requesting my answers on Quora for Astronomy and Astrophysics. After I spent an hour giving him some of the latest on Quasars, he goes on and upvotes ALL the other answers and comments on them except mine. His introductory paragraph on his Quora Profile: "My posts & comments most often offer critique with means to reduce emotional pliability from mindless useless propaganda that is so often politically & commercially motivated with negligible responsibility, you will discover more depth in learning how to recognise & arm yourself against unethical psychology...". WTF?! That's not an English sentence dude. That's an English MASSACRE. Well, let's check for a sec the spaces he's interested in from his Quora Profile: (Knows about:) Water (158 answers), Temperature (18), Atheism(!8), Celsius(7), Radiation(!5), Trading(4), Measurements(4), Earth (planet) (3), Stock Markets (3), Microbiology (2), Fahrenheit (2), Mathematics (!1), Philosophy(1), Swing Trading(1), Food Science and Technology (0), Curtin University (0),... WtF2?! Can you spot the next Universal Genius when you see one? What's with the Water obsession dude? Are you a fish mutant of sorts? Or do you have forbidden knowledge about water that we've been missing for 2 billion years? And Temperature of course. A topic worthy of listing in the topics you know all about. Like, we'd REALLY desire to know more about how badly f*cked up the climate is, and we all have been waiting for you to tell us all about it. What's with the Quasar questions that require 10 Ph.D.'s to answer dude? Did you suddenly figure out that we are climate doomed and you are planning an escape at the edge of the observable Universe? Where did you go to school Aussie whacko? Get this: Post-graduate fellow at... Curtin University?! Tried to look this up and ended up in... Dubai?! Now THAT's a worthy school having a degree from. A school in the middle of the desert nowhere that even its founders have forgotten about since its inception. "Ba Electronic Engineering 1976-1982 W.A.I.T. Bentley". YooHoo! Electronic Engineering is a B.Science dude, not Art to get a B.A. Can't be bothered to even SPELL his degree correctly. And what's "W.A.I.T. Bentley" that we should be obliged to know about without spelling it out Aussie? WAIT until you get a Bentley from your good Stock Market advice? Sure, no problem. That's a sure telltale sign of scientific crankiness: Whenever you see "Stock Market" in the credentials or "knows" of anyone who simultaneously tries to pass as a serious scientist, like this other moron above in [24.]. No such thing as a logical and psychologically sound "scientist" who plays in the Stock Market, since even kindergarten kids know of the colossal fraud that is The Stock Market. Can you spot a retard trying to pass as an "Electronic Engineer"? Here's a less than loud clue for future Quora readers: Whenever you see in an answer: "Thanks for your question:...", etc. Can't get any stupider than that. Thanking a requester to show off that you are suitably knowledgeable since somebody requested your answer. As if that means something. With a retarded Quora profile photo that looks like somebody's bothering him while he's beating it in front of his computer. Betcha this Aussie dude will eventually electrocute himself if you leave him long enough in front of his computer. Watch out!
  43. Paul Joseph Watson Similar to above, nasty dolls and F+. Cook up a stupid pseudo-progressive/pseudo-libertarian, pseudo-comedic, anti-1984/fascista boring brit collage video, hide my photo under the carpet of the page's text resources, hang a ciggie on your mouth to look cool and intelligent and voila! You've got yourself a starters net-voodoo recipe to attract customers. YooHoo! Paulie! You cannot attract viewers to stupid semi-intelligent videos just by using net searches that reveal my name or photo being involved. You need to be wearing my RING with a Pentacle on it first. Good luck NEXT time, black-magic apprentice-wannabe-Nostradamus buddy...
  44. Shayn McCallum What's with the funny name dude? What's "Shayn"? That's "pretty" in Yiddish for those that don't know. That's not a NAME, moron, that's a characterization. Are you having some problems with your overall facial appearance dude? Do you need to hide from the public eye? Is that why you are wearing polaroid gels and an agent's hat on your profile photo? Use Shawn, JOHN, or Yochanan, fool, since you are a jew and since you appear to grab every chance you get in your replies to flash your Jewish ancestry. Check the areas he is knowledgeable in. Let's start with the basics so the reader doesn't choke in desperation from seeing ALL the areas he's an expert at: Jewish Ethnicities and People, Judaism, Politics, Communism, Socialism, History, Israel, English (language), Economics, tUrkeE (country), ... and 1,000 more. WtF?! A jew, living in tUrkey, married to and having kids with a tUrk, interested in Communist Politics and having extensive knowledge of Economics and History! That's your average incarnation of the next expected Yehoshu-Einstein, bro! How come you are not a billionaire yet? What the F*CK are you doing living in Turkey, dude? Haven't you heard the latest Erdogan news, when he fumed and cussed about Donald Duc^^^C, err Trump moving the capital to Jerusalem? Or the latest Netanyahu statements about Turkey? What are you, a disguised/secret Mossad agent infiltrating the enemy using polaroid gels and a clown's hat? How many languages do you speak, bro? 20-25? Even my Father couldn't manage that many and here we have a Jew who's an expert at German and Turkish?! What da flying heck is wrong with you? If the Germans see your profile, they'll command Madama Merkel to deposit 1,000,000 Swiss Francs into your account for bravery living in Turkey and give you a medal of honor for being married to and having kids with a Turk! Is your kid's name Aisha by any chance? Here's what this moron replied to the Quora question: "Did Nazis exert any genocide on Greece?" - Shayn Mac Cal(l)us: "...If you are asking if they tried to wipe out the gentile Greeks, then no. The Nazis considered them “Aryans”." Wt-flying-*? A Jew, married to a Turk, living in Turkey (which bought its way out of WWII, because H@tl%r considered them brothers in arms as brotherly genocidal maniacs no less), having extended knowledge of Communist manifestos and general History and an expert in Economics, speaking fluently 800 languages and following 400 country spaces on Quora, says that the Nazis considered the Greeks during the war “Aryans”, i.e., the Germans considered the majority of the Greeks, as... essentially collaborators! I.e. implictly FORGIVING the Nazis for their atrocities against the Greeks . What? Isn't that the good historically informed answer you were expecting? Well, send Shaw-in a message and tell him how historically correct he is! What are you waiting for? Won't write more about this professional con job idiotic character, because I've got plenty of work to do. To find out more about him, search the net for some of his alter ego names as in Shawn Ruttledge and Mavroidis. In other words, this guy can be ANYWHERE and ANYBODY and usually as anonymous. He's probably using my time machine as we speak and is running from morning to night trying to escape the grapple of Greek police. That's why he's living in tUr🔑, where he is (for the moment) safe.
  45. user4894. Another useful "anonymous" idiot. Mathematicians have spent almost 30 years looking for a solution to the problem of extending tetration to the non-integers, including establishing several forums for this separate research, and as soon as I announce Daniel Geisler's solution is the correct one, the first thing he does is stupidly comment (since deleted(?) by the... "moderators") by making fun of my sexual past. And that, AFTER I explicitly state at the end of my question, "No b*llshit responses or comments to this post, PLEASE"[22]And then, it gets downvoted, once, twice,... six times (as of this writing) AND gets deleted as "a question that does not meet Mathematics Stack Exchange guidelines"[sic.] [Sigh...Talk about an evil and bizarre post? Intended playfully serious, but apparently incited some really hateful wrath from some of the users, who didn't see the argument's bland simplicity or logically trickly aspect. That's a -10/20 for sarcastic humor AT YOUR expense, custom-made for YOU, dear math.SE ingenious moderators and downvoters, for failing to recognize the obvious. Poor Daniel Geisler will probably have an embolism from trying to contain his belly from all laughs he'll get when he finds out that proving something like that would be tantamount to a dog chasing its own tail by vigorously rotating around like a spin top. For even more crazy laughs, try finding an actual debunking/disproof of this "proof" that makes common sense. It should be easy, if the proof is faulty, right? Good luck with THAT, too.
  46. Travis Guy. It's the Travis guy, everyone! Total newbie, joined June 2021, no address, no location, no likes, no dislikes, no nothing. And with first question on Quora: "What happens when a man can catch and throw light with his eye?" WTf...? Have you been abducted by Aliens yet, or are you just planning to study Optics? That's a sure future Quora Champion on good, quality Physics questions or answers! Please follow him or his profile to stay informed on serious scientific matters and information. Go AWAY, retard! You are occupying valuable Quora and gene-pool space!
  47. The vicious cr*ping-on-your-face-liberally geniuses of math.SE.: Simply Beautiful (f)Art, AmWhy-Why Me?, user21820. Here, I post an elementary proof that the best function we've got for giving a consistent limit to Ordinal exponentiation, i.e. the ideal Veblen hierarchy, gives an ultimate and untimely ordinal collapse, and the best "Simply Beautiful mArt" can offer is the Simply Beautiful (comment) Fart: "There's a lot of unclear stuff going on. For example, what exactly W(−ln(ω)) mean? And how are you getting things like ε1=0.3181315052−1.337235701i? AFAICT, it looks like nonsense. – Simply Beautiful (f)Art". Never mind the syntax gibberish nonsense. What's UNCLEAR, Doofus? Haven't you heard of the logarithm of an Infinite Ordinal yet? Aren't you a supposed "expert" on Ordinals and Cardinals? It's even on Wikipedia, you Beautiful Fart-Brain. Or didn't you recognize the ultimate and untimely collapse? Perhaps you'd like to define a Veblen hierarchy with functions that DON'T ultimately collapse for us? And then he asks: "And how are you getting things like...epsilon...", after I've spent 100KBs of LaTeX code showing how you get to the epsilons! I mean, if this isn't a blind person wearing safety welding goggles for reading on his computer, I don't know what it is. From his math.SE Profile: "8/24/2019: I defined a neat ordinal collapsing function:". Whenever you hear a mathematician saying that some math is "neat", you know what you've got, right? Just about your basic arithmetic using sticks for counting Pee-brain who's got at most a B.Sc. from some trite school on the other side of the Atlantic, with a graduating GPA below 2.1 who's managed to graduate because his dad threatened the Dean with a revolver. That's a REALLY "neat" function. Here's a trumpet-loud hint for budding math majors: Ordinal COLLAPSING functions are USELESS, colossally η-extendible Ordinal Moron! It's the NON-collapsing functions that are useful in Ordinal's Theory. And then one of his genius buddies UPVOTES his t*rdish comment and in fervently amorous combo they convince the third genius of the Three Stooges of math.SE, to also vote to close. What kind of STUPID ANONYMOUS HANDLE name is that, "am Why - Why Am - Why Me"? Where's your REAL NAME, with a 200K REPUTATION on top of 0.07% in math.SE? Why do you need a STUPID anonymous handle like that with 200K Rep.? Don't you have a kindergarten Ph.D. yet? Or are you still struggling to get one, like me? What are you, a secret incarnation of Ramanujan who's afraid of his deep results being stolen by other low-lifers? Are you ashamed of your own name by any chance? With a 200K rep.? I sure as hell wouldn't be. And user21820? Won't even bother ridiculing him publically, except just mention a couple of the questions he's bothered answering and got top points(!). Here we go!:
    1. "Are proofs by contradiction really logical?"
    2. "How to represent “not an empty set”?"
    3. "Is it impossible to perfectly fit a polynomial to a trigonometric function on a closed interval?"
    4. "Why do we not have to prove definitions?"
    5. "What is the proper way to extend the Fibonacci numbers to negative numbers?"
    6. “Integral Milking”
    7. "Does mathematics become circular at the bottom? What is at the bottom of mathematics?"
    8. "Must a sequence be a function on N?"
    9. "Why is (virtually) anything raised to 0th power equal to 1?"
    10. "Why is the quotient rule in differentiation necessary?"
    11. "Dividing 100% by 3 without any left"
    12. "Is it meaningful to define the Dirac delta function as infinity at zero?"
    13. "In a Rubik's cube what is the probability of randomly getting a face blue?"
    14. "What is the difference between a generalization and an extension?"
    15. ...and about 2K more b*ll questions answered rigorously and helpfully.
    [Sigh!...] Don't you have anything better to do than collect 50K Rep. points after answering 2K b*llcrap questions, Sir? No wonder your next badge is "logic", after a 50K Rep. and 6 gold badges! The math.SE. badge acquisition algorithm must have been designed by a really evil Mathematician bent on exposing all the amateur frauds. I betcha 10 to 1 when the algorithm sees an anonymous profile, it goes crazy and gives all sorts of loony badges. Talk about some REALLY nasty and jealous of math progress participants in this forum. Nasty, jealous, AND INCOMPETENT amateurs who don't even recognize that they are being ridiculed by the math.SE. algorithm giving them a "logic" badge after 50K points and cannot handle (even external to the math.SE site) sarcastic criticism very well [26]. I dread to think what would've happened had this very competent Mathematician who upvoted my question, not upvoted. BEST of LUCK with the NEXT forum where you can again be a famous ANONYMOUS mathematician, brave math amateurs!
  48. List of Predatory Journals! How about that?! We've been missing such a list since the very first Scientific Journals have appeared! We've been WAITING for someone anonymous(?) or an anonymous group(?!) to provide such a nice, respectable SHORT reputable, and reliable list of NON-reputable scientific journals! The problem was we couldn't compile such a list of about 1010 individual entries. WT*? Compiling such a huge list requires that you have employed at least 1010 Ph.D. Scientists as rough second-check Referees for ALL entries, being employed 24/24 to follow EACH entry EACH, 12m/year! That's NOT possible daddy! Even HarvarΔ doesn't have that kinda mOney, sis. But that's beside the point. What's da matter with Jyoti Academy? Anything wrong with it? Perhaps because it's of Indian Origin? Or it employs Turkish, Chinese, Italian, Algerian, Thai, Japanese, Greek, Saudi Arabian, South Koren, Cuban, Armenian, American, Malay, Mexican, South African, Bulgarian, Vietnamese, Egyptian, United Arab Emirate, Georgian, Lebanese, Russian, Romanian, UK, Brazilian and Iranian Referees and referees with Emails: madam@dib.uth.gr? Or, maybe because their original website (above) was hijacked, after which they switched domains (now at Jyoti Academy) to avoid harassment, and after that, after MY article was published in it, some superb scientists have been threatening it with non-respectable shut-down, going crazy seeing my Father's last name in it? And they caused it to have STOPPED publishing any more Serious Mathematics articles? AND they have shut the entire Math section down BEFORE I am finishing this very nice review of how "reputable" your list of Journals is? With scientists with names like,... (ahem..)... "Straumsheim", (ahem...), "Blaumenthal", (ahem) "גולדברג, משה", (ahem) etc.? Just saying... Interesting COINCIDENCE, don't you think that these guys have problems with ALL the countries listed above? And they are the only guys with enough MONEY and INFLUENCE around the world to SHUT-DOWN ENTIRE Countries? Or, let's see: Why isn't ELSEVIER in your list of PREDATORY and HIJACKING journals? NOT because this very Respectable Journal is an example where a Greek-Jew former student of my Father's along with my Father's former ADVISOR(!) HIJACKS my Father's Ph.D. and publishes a very NON-PREDATORIAL, DIS-respectable and WRONGLY INACCURATE Copyright-Infringing/1972-Military-Classified, Nuclear Reactor construction-allowing summary of my Father's Ph.D. thesis AFTER my Father's Death in 1986, eh? No, of course not. That's JUST ANOTHER COINCIDENCE, right? Or, maybe NOT because the son of my Father's former advisor along with a couple of other Copyright NTUA thieves publish a calculationally trivial summary of one of my Father's former publications, claiming it's useful for Static Stress Programs because it numerically CALCULATES? No, of course not. That's JUST ANOTHER COINCIDENCE, right? Let's check these guys' host: sitechecker.pro @ predatoryjournals.com={Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Europe, Middle East and Africa, France, Germany, Spain, UK, Portugal, United Arab Emirates, Other International}. In other words, EVERYWHERE! Wuzzz UP, anonymous-10,000-Respectable-Journals meta-critic, jewish-Ph.D. Doc.s? Wuzzz Up? Have you bought up EVERYTHING yet? Even the Moon? WUzzzz UUUP, doc.s of ψευδο-lies about Jesus and Grand-mass-TURBO-motion confusion resulting from rejecting Jesus? Otherwise, these guys know - "I don't know nOtin about no-nonconspiratorial rich joos!"- NOTHING about being the richest owning m@ther-f&ckers on the Planet who control EVERYTHING, including all incoming and ongoing scientific knowledge and all governments through covertly influencing their Banks and Markets. SEE YA LATERs traitorous mother-f*@%kers in the Cuckoo's nest's hunting den.
  49. People in the US Goverment. Why the f8ck does duckduck go present this page in its list of answers when searching under my last name? I'll tell you why: 1) Take a simple question on Quora: about UV radiation and associated lamps. 2) Spend 20 hours carefully researching the answer to help Americans understand the rudimentaries of UVC lamps. 3) Have various answers below the questions by random dingies, including a "Kibbutzki" americano Judaic @rse kissy. 4) Have the Kibbutzkian comment some random irrelevancy below my answer. 5) Put nasty joke comment below acknowledged comment. 6) Have Quora downvote and diminute my answer and delete Kibitzki's answer. 7)Have Quora CHANGE the Question. Now it asks about "list-N", whatever the heck that is. 8)Add the jewish answer to their marginally tasty soup, and finally present clit-bUtch-key answer as the "recommended" answer for protection from UVC rays and pass it to EPA for inspection and presentation, which now sits behind a paywall on Quora. Good JOB Yankers! Next time don't forget to delete my last name behind my back's smelly arse from duckduckgo and Google's cache. Nasty copyright tricksters those Loonies. No wonder the American public doesn't trust them since 1963. Famous Motto since at least 1964 and going strong: "We are from the government and we are here to help you...". Riiiiiiiight. Would you like to come inside for a second, for a nice and hot cuppa coffee? I'm gonna prepare one right now, just for you. Just hold on a sec, and I'll be back in a jiffy... Where da f*ck did they go? Wuzzz UP doc. of the American govt., specializing in infectuous diseases that "look" like a plain "flu"? WHuz Up me man? What's "List-N", geniuses? An N-planet orbital system simulation solution of the N-body problem? Hehe! With a government like this who needs COVID19? I don't. See ya LATERs and infected with this nasty, dudes!
  50. People in the US Goverment. Why the f8ck does duckduck go present this page in its list of answers when searching under my last name? I'll tell you why: 1) Take a simple question on Quora: about UV radiation and associated lamps. 2) Spend 20 hours carefully researching the answer to help Americans understand the rudimentaries of UVC lamps. 3) Have various answers below the questions by random dingies, including a "Kibbutzki" americano Judaic @rse kissy. 4) Have the Kibbutzkian comment some random irrelevancy below my answer. 5) Put nasty joke comment below acknowledged comment. 6) Have Quora downvote and diminute my answer and delete Kibitzki's answer. 7)Have Quora CHANGE the Question. Now it asks about "list-N", whatever the heck that is. 8)Add the jewish answer to their marginally tasty soup, and finally present cLitbutski answer as the "recommended" answer for protection from UVC rays and pass it to EPA for inspection and presentation. Good job Yankers! Next time don't forget to delete my last name from duckduckgo and Google's cache behind my arse's back. Nasty tricksters those Loonies. No wonder the American public doesn't trust them since 1963. Famous Motto since at least 1964 and going strong: "We are from the government and we are here to help you...". Riiiiiiiight. Would you like to come inside for a second, for a nice and hot cuppa coffee? I'm gonna prepare one right now, just for you. Just hold on a sec, and I'll be back in a jiffy... Where da f*ck did they go? Wuzzz UP doc. of the American govt., specializing in infectuous diseases that "look" like a plain "flu"? WHuz Up me man? What's "List-N", geniuses? An N-planet orbital system simulation solution of the N-body problem? Hehe! With a government like this who needs COVID19? I don't. See ya LATERs and infected with this nasty, dudes!
  51. A MON 4 NOM H! With an anonymous "code" name, of course, but check out the areas he knows about! Mathematics, Geometry, Logic (philosophy), Religion, Sacred Geometry, Theosophy, The Human Race and Condition, Topology, Philosophy, Thinkers, Atheism vs. Theism, Theism, Panentheism, Pantheism, Crystallography, Logic, Sacred Geometry and Ancient Knowledge, Geometry (high school mathematics), Esoterica, Psychoanalysis, Science and Religion, Religion (virtue), Criticism of Religion, Psychotherapy, Sophistry, New Age Generation, New Age, Cognition, Child Psychology, Logic (science), Independent Thinkers, Discrete Mathematics, Geometry (MS level), Geometry (Prof Emeritus-Honorary level), Geometry (HS level), Mythology, Psych (psychologists), Psych (therapists), Western Esotericism, Toltec Shamanism, Reiki Shamanism, Peruvian Shamanism, Modern Shamanism, Shamanism, NLP Practitioner, Natural Language Processing, Neurolinguistic Programming, Agnostic Theism, Antitheism, ..., Retired Psychotherapist, Psychotherapist-Inventor, Self Employed Psychotherapist, Psychotherapist in Private Practice, Psychotherapists, Society Centered Psychotherapy, ..., Sophistry(!), Deceiving(!!), Fallacious Arguments(!), ..., Slovene (language), Paleo-Balkanic Language, NONE, NOTHING, NADA, SQUAT, DIDDLY, ZERO, ..., Creative Thinkers, Deep Thinkers, Positive Thinkers, Belly of The Tantra, Philosophy, Yoga, Tantra, Life, Asura, ..., Black Magic in India, Enochian Magick, Chaos Magick, White Magick Alchemy, Black Magick, ..., Argentinian Shamanism, Equadorian Shamanism, Computer Science & Psycholinguistics(!?!), Computational Psycholinguistics(!??)5, ..., Black Magician(!), ..., Art Nudism Shamanism Druidry, ..., Spirituality and Esoterics, Kabbalah(!) and Astrology(!), ...,, JACKPOT (777)(!!), ..., Cosmic Theory, [and literally DOZENS of other irrelevant and pseudo-scientific horset*rd areas, until we finally hit, after scrolling down about 100K of nonsense:] Macedonia (Very Ancient Country)(!)... Aha! Now we're getting somewhere. Curious to see what kind of math and Geometry he's talking about, I checked some of his answers. Amongst others, Euclid was crazy, numerology nonsense, absurd Geometry, infinity has changed and is contradictory, Con-ventially and con-ceptually difficult ideas resolved quickly with elaborate pseudo-mathematical nonsense, DEAR ZERO, why so ORIGIN-ALL, The painful truth of MicroINFINITY THEORY versus ZERO CON-CEPT when it comes to CENTRAL "HOLE" Origin, Fractal Trinity Graphs for occlusive philosophers and Theologians, North/South Pole or AKA Zero of Santa Clause/Cause/Biblia/Muetre/Satana/… Languages are weird creatures, Math is the Mother/Mater/Mama/MATb/Mat’ of all other Sciences,[... etc., ...], all very nicely illustrated using hundreds of irrelevant, superfluous, and nonsense graphics memes. Well, JACKPOT indeed! King Lottery Jackpot on NONE, NOTHING, NADA, SQUAT, DIDDLY, ZERO on anything substantial, that is. Holy Cow! Somebody please send an email to Benjamin Creme or Mossad, quick: I think we've found us the Moschiah/Maitreya/Jesus/God incarnate! Or, somebody who knows at least everything about EVERYTHING. What, no? He says so, in his profile: Leading CONFLICT-o-LOGIST, ZER-0-LOGIST, & PanEnTheistic MeTHEIST (... PolyMath, Logician, TrigonoMetrist, Runologist, Psychic, Shaman, VizArt, NLP Coach, & ... specializing in studying Psychological CON-FLICTS(!?), interPersonal ConFlict Resolution, Advanced Alternative Transactional InterPersonal Analysis, & much more …). Or, Anti-Criminal Criminal Psych-0-Logist, Psycho-The-Rapist in Self-training. I AM A (Amateurish Alternative Alpha ALLAHA An Aloha Amon …) GOD. Okey... Otherwise, he has the very brave self-apologizing meme face-card on: "There's a story behind every person. There's a reason why the're the way they are. Think about that before you judge someone" You don't say! How about, you are a total clown loonie who's been brainwashed to nonsensical oblivion by your own country's educational ineptitude and historical theft of Greece's History, trying too hard to find ψευδο-intellectual and pseudo-psychological clutches of support for your schizoid delusions of grandeur of supposedly being a great thinker/scientist descendant of Alexander the Great?[Sigh... If the Albanian Nationalists in his country see this profile, they'll probably send a SWAT team to straightjacket him to the nearest facility for the linguistically insane... For the severely more insane linguistically than what they themselves, are...]. Please take your meds, A MON RA 4 NOM de Guerre, mo-ra-n.
  52. Lalaine Garcia. Major Quora contributor of pseudo-theological and pseudo-historical jewish nonsense galore. Taking a quick tour-de-force through some of her answers and quoting roughly (parentheticals mine): "Luke (Λουκάς), Mark (Μάρκος - Marcus), John (Yochanan - יוֹחָנָן) and Matthew (Mattityahu - מַתִּתְיָהוּ - a gift of yhwh) are GREEK names(!?)". Okey. "Paul was an insane Turkish agent, who infiltrated Jewish tradition with GREEK mythology making it his new christianity cult". Or, elsewhere, "(Paul was) a GREEK pretending to be Jew, who switched a nonexistent person's name into J(ay)-Zeus...", so careful! When you believe in Jesus, you are actually believing in Zeus! Wuzz UP, secret agent Saul of Tarsus doc., student of Gamaliel and being a Hebrew of the Hebrews from the tribe of Benjamin? What kind of business are you advocating here with this non-existent J-Zeus, Paulie-dude? Is that the famous DJ-Zeus/Jesus of DePaul University in Chicago? Are you looking for some kind of trouble? Elsewhere, we find: "Paul was from Tarsus Turkey(!), a GREEK speaking country.". Wowzers! 1 credit point in Do-you-want-to-be-a-millionaire? for being historically informed about Turkey. "Paul is not a Jew but a Turkish guy preaching in his home country Turkey." Wow2! "Though Paul claim to be a Jew, his parents are obviously not Jews. His parents got Latin names.". Obviously. That's absolutely right. It says so in Wikipedia: FROM THE TRIBE OF BENJAMIN, having studied under Gamaliel. Everybody knows that the names given to Pharisees are ALWAYS Latin or GREEK in honor of their contributions to Philosophy and Religion. Or, after having next to no information about his family origins, how about his parents were actually €ffing intruding reptilian David-Ickean aliens who infiltrated the Benjamin tribe and produced insane Turkish secret agents who assumed voluntarily Latin and GREEK names trying to con the Jews into a religious mental stupor via Dyonisian wine frenzy? WuzzUP, rabbi Gamaliel, doc.? What kind of apprenticeship was that of your student Saul of Tarsus? Which version of the Torah did you divulge for him? The Iliad and Odyssey pseudo-version, perhaps? You crazy mf wino, you! "Christians will always bug me telling me Paul was a Jew. He was not." Absolutely right. He was a GREEK illegal alien misinformant, pretending to be a Jew. "Remember they were promoting a DEAD Jew as their god." Ah, ok. So now Jesus was actually a non-fictional entity? Have you decided yet? "The GREEKs were imitating Israel." That's right! We've always had no better business diachronically than to always trying to emulate the adulterated horse-d@ng pseudo-philosophies of these traditional and chronic blind liars and religious cons of the East. Check here, for more info. "(Jesus) was a mamzer(!) (that's a BASTARD for all you gentle and kind Christians), an illegitimate son of a married woman who had an affair with a Roman centurion and a blasphemer". "... the Greeks who created the christian bible[sic.]", "The Revelations writer John was from Patmos Greece.", i.e., Yochanan the beloved follower of Jesus, was Greek(!), "The Greeks were inventing(!) christianity...", "the writers of the New Testament were Greeks pretending(!?) to be in Israel.", etc... I'll stop here, cause I think now we are getting somewhere: If you collect all the associated and quoted nonsense, you will likely come to the conclusion that those tricky Greeks who wrote the NT were indeed David Icke reptilian overlords who were using advanced time-travel technology from ζ-Reticuli to "pretend" being in Israel as "pretend" Jews in disguise. I mean, what ELSE can it be? Those pesky Reticulians were probably very fond of GREEKs, that's why they used GREEK names. They came, they wrote the NT, and they vanished back into thin air, to avoid all repercussions from spreading b*llshit memes. And around 2 GB or more of repeatedly and ad nauseam masticated stenchy horseshit affirmative memes for your unending Judeo-theological edification! Holy Almighty Jeebus H. Chrestus ala Josephus style, ma'am-zy son of Panthera, Batman! What about loony Latino-speaking Philippinas named Lala-land-lane Garθia who think they are "Noahides" and "pretend" to be Jews who know gobbledygook diddly squ@t about the Torah AND don't know how to translate Hebrew correctly - except for sparse excerpts from the Tanach to prove their delusional theories? Wat' UP crypto-rabbi Garθia, doctress? When are you planning on moving to Israel to assume your dignitary Honoris position as professor specialist in Rabbinic Literature at the U of Haifa?
    Korean Jesus NOT pleased
    ...with your ψευδο-rabbinic horse dung memes.
    Original Image Source: Meme Generator.
    [Sigh... If this "Noahide" Jew-wannabe, ψευδο-rabbino-ειδής, and UGLY Philippino blob of cowhide gets any more fundamentalist or Bible belt readers on Quora, and they dare read her answers, they'll probably organize an Antifa provocation mission to Philippines to execute her by upside-down crucifixion AND burning the cross afterward via turbo flamethrower, to avoid contamination from spreading dangerously stupid meme vectorials and noxious fumes from her body. Wonder what would happen if I sent this Garθεία Quora profile to some Black Americans who think they are the true lost-tribe of Israel. Or maybe to Mel Gibson as an inspirational script for a new movie about alien Reticuleans... [24].]
  53. Famous "applied mathematician" D.Lazard, doc. Honoris Editor of around 43,3928 mathematical entries in Wikipedia - and possibly hiding under the older handle Agor153! As soon as I post a correct edit on Wiki following prior vandalism by Agor153 - who did the exact same thing to my 6-year old correction, claiming correct credit for my DEAD Father's solution to #H20, this κρυπτο-Joo, IMMEDIATELY humps in and eradicates my revision, claiming that I am "self-promoting" (I guess because I happen to be my dead Father's son having the same name, eh?) Talk about some really friendly jews here. Here's a guy who's OLDER than my dead Father, is knowledgable in around 364 MORE Mathematical areas than my Father was and I guess still cannot understand my Father's Ph.D. thesis. Even in English as now published in ResearchGate! What did you say? You CAN understand it? Then why were you quick to revert me edit back before checking my translation of my Father's Ph.D. and its validation by me, Civil Engineer Nik. Rigos(†), who helped me translate it and my SCHOOL's advisor(s) who conducted the Research - while I was a doc. cand., first? WUUZ UP Joo and Applied Civil Engineering Math. Mr. Lizard-o-eides, doc.? WUzzzz UUUP, doc.s of ψευδο-lies about Jesus and Grand-mass-TURBO-motion confusion resulting from rejecting Jesus? Otherwise, these guys know - "I don't know nOtin about no-nonconspiratorial rich Joos!"- NOTHING about being the richest owning m@ther-f&ckers on the Planet who control EVERYTHING, including all incoming and ongoing scientific knowledge (now on Wiki too!) and all governments through covertly influencing their Banks and Markets. SEE YA LATERs traitorous mother-f*@%kers in the Cuckoo's nest's hunting den.


  1. Google. Possibly the largest con devised in the history of the world wide web. The most insidious and conniving search engine in existence. The Mathematics behind the search engine would cause Gauss to commit suicide by hanging. The most atrocious, cheating, hideous, and information distorting search engine in existence. Filters out and censors results, according to reverse popularity if foreign, according to popularity if American. Continuously switches priority of results so your web site can never get a standard rating. This search engine has been constructed specifically to downplay all and any non-American web pages, good or bad. Filters by location and server IP. Displays external results higher than results from main websites! Displays images from pages that violate copyright, but not from the original page! Displays results from irrelevant pages with lesser keyword counts than the one searched for. This website contains at least 60 hit instances of my last name spelled various ways and in different languages in one page and approximately 2GB of interconnected data to this name, yet upon searching for it, it only shows up after at least page 10 in search results! Don't believe me? Try this search. Read how many very important results rank above this website's domain! Creates fraudulent metric in artificial neural network Mathematics to be used with your sitemap.xml for more efficient indexing! The immensity of the search-results scam can easily be seen with some search results from this web site, which on a normal search engine would have given thousands of first hits, but are otherwise hidden or suppressed by Google. When a popular search returns an undesired web page, Google immediately downplays the result and recalculates based on additional parameters which exclude it. The downplaying is so freaking fast, it can be revealed by clicking on the same search which was used by a random user, to reveal the complete absence of the web page the user found. Updates content for external links faster than content from highly relevant keyword content links! Cashes forever old, obsolete, obviously insulting, and diminutive content that would take a Supreme Justice Court judge petition to remove, using friendly and anonymous non-existent request forms and buttons. Famous and proud internet copyright thieves since at least 2009 and getting away with it. If you want to stay blind for the rest of your life experience on the net, trust Google and its search results. Fortunately for us but unfortunately for Google, other companies have smelled the colossal fraud behind Google's search engine's algorithm and have started implementing different search engines. Too bad it's still the best in terms of total net content on images, so you are forced to use it if you are doing any sort of serious research on content. If you want to have some more serious fun seeing the fraud that is Google search, try using a VPN dark web duckduckgo search on the same keywords but different locations! Make sure you prepare yourself with 2x ibuprofen to prevent nausea from finding out things about yourself you never knew existed on the net. If you've created a new and interesting webpage, don't bother submitting sitemaps for it, cause it takes Google around 6-10 years to fully index your content regardless of originality, relevance, or quality. The designers of the Google search algorithm should be put to work designing and implementing a 3,000 ELO chess engine using Neural Networks, until a clever enough lawyer finds a way to sue Google out of existence, for monopolizing access to fraudulent search results for at least 20 years.
  2. Google's Page Rank. Second greatest fraud in the history of the world wide web. Thousands upon thousands of unsuspecting users proudly display their web page's Page Rank in their pages, without realizing that the number displayed is biased and skewed, according to Google's fraudulent metric, above, only serving Google's fraudulent agendas. Number calculated is based on backward links, sez Google. Links to my ass would be more accurate. The number of backwards links that Google(!) reports for this web site exceeds 10,800. With so many backward links, this web site should've had a Page Rank of 6-7 at least, but Google reports a meager 4. The designer of the Page Rank algorithm should be put to work to redesign the Page Rank algorithm in a Minoan maze, with Predators hunting him down while inside, for a living. Too bad Page Rank is no longer used.
  3. Google Adwords. Third most insidious and abominable fraud, after Google's own search engine and Page Rank. Gives new meaning to the word "small business enterprize". Millions of unaware victims have Adwords in their web pages. Ask them how much money they are making from it. No? Take a guess. A few cents per year at best. Campaign almost guarantees $0.01 per click! If that isn't profitable business, I don't know what is. Adword campaign algorithm specifically designed to cheat and steal money from the owner of the web page and from the advertisers. Advertisers pay huge amounts to Google to be promoted into ad spaces, while the hosting web pages for those ads get paid bread crumbs with $0.01 per click. If and when the web page amount from Adwords reaches reasonable levels, something which will only happen if the web page owner is a freaking genius, Google will claim that some clicks were "illegal" and will thus refuse payment to the web page in question. This way, Google can arrange to always have a budget lower than expected profit from advertisers, so it can keep being in business for eons. These guys are geniuses: They have found a legal con scheme with which to scam the entire world wide web. Sort of expected in the bankrupt land of the free and the brave. Read the fine print before you enter into an agreement for Adwords. If this scheme was designed to really work, I'd be a millionaire with this web site. But, alas, that's not the case. Unfortunately, my financial situation today is so bad that I can't afford to lose even the minute breadcrumbs that today's AdSense ( upgraded Adwords, that is), delivers, so I've subscribed to it, instead - which makes me somewhat stupid, too, but wth.
  4. Ottlight Full Spectrum Lighting. Take regular tri-phosphor compact fluorescent lamps with a slightly higher correlated color temperature, brand them "full-spectrum" ad-hoc, name the company after a "Dr." of photography and banking knowing virtually nil about light-engineering and try to con the consumer into buying your product. Sounds like an excellent strategy to me.
  5. spiritual healing, healer, healers, Trinity Table. From the site: Admittedly much of the information contained on this site may sound far fetched and even illogical(!). Since the beginning of The Trinity Project, The Trinity Table and Genesis research, every effect and implication has been examined and witnessed first hand by many professionally trained medical practitioners and highly qualified spiritual/metaphysical healers. There is no black magic or hocus pocus involved with the way any of this works, it is pure science and quantum physics at work. [Sigh...] In other words, if you can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle 'em with bullshit.
  6. shoponline2011.com/bakati.com. Biggest internet and intellectual property thieves in the land of cow-dung and exquisite smells. They steal images from web sites and load them into their own web servers. When Google crawls their web site it records and caches the stolen images and later displays image search results of those images for this crappy web site but not the original web site the images come from. It sort of figures: Only Indians could have thought of such a wonderfully fraudulent scheme to attract international consumers. God knows where the stuff they sell comes from. It certainly can't come from legal resellers in India. They should stick to what they do best: Herding smelly cows and avoiding e-commerce. E-commerce requires a minimum IQ of 80.
  7. Hidratab-Your Guaranteed Hidradenitis Suppurativa Treatment!. Mix a little linn seed, some bark, red caolin and purified sulfur and what do you get? Your guaranteed Hidradenitis Suppurativa treatment, for a disease that doesn't have a treatment or medical cure. Clinically proven (whatever that means). Guaranteed results or your money back. These guys have decided to cash-in on the pain of HS sufferers. Let's give them this nasty disease to see how fast they are going to find a real cure. Best of luck next time, guys.
  8. Booking.com. Similar reasons as [38.], but here, instead, for pushing their ad travelling agendas by using Yahoo search under my last name... Specifically, my name is HIDDEN (again[5]) somewhere in their auxiliary support .html files. I've never registered with these people, so GOOD LUCK booking your travelling tickets with them!
  9. SANDY VANDERKOLK, FOUNDER Jesus! Mr. Vanderlkolk, must have a really interesting family tree history. Otherwise, how do you explain all the thousands of people who've scammed his name? Wth? This time it's OFFICE and FURNITURE supplies (Was INVESTMENT STOCK COMPANY before I managed to cache this...) Somebody call Mr. Vanderlkolk and tell him to pay them a visit using his 20kW CO2 Laser as down payment for some really confy new office supplies, including at least a 95% legal Stock share owed from Copyright infringing, i.e. cybersquatting on his name. Concluding, same as [26.], below[9].
  10. SOUTHWEST MEDALS AND COLLECTABLES Hey! Did you know that my real name is Mabvura and during nightime I am a Rifleman Shooter, like my darth vader and I has won a couple of medals from BOTH Rhodesia AND Zimbabwe hunting down cybersquatting elephants from the other side of the Atlantic who use my name illegally? No? Well, you BETTER believe it, man. These are my medalions, man! The brits have just borrowed them, like they've borrowed my Ancestors' Parthenon Marbles from the tÖrcs and are now selling them at a good price! If you want me to come hunting you down with my shot gun, PLEASE buy them. Or F*CK OFF and DIE, you 5-centuries old traditionally illegal occupiers and viciously barbaric, traitorous colonizers of African, Indian and American territories. Cheers, mate!
  11. The Stack Exchange Network! Want proof? Here's one after this "hot" question:
    1. Post nice proof on math.SE in the form of at least 3 questions.
    2. Collect one highly intelligent and one doofus anonymous comment from Simply Beautiful (F)art, who's an anonymous "specialist"[46] on Infinite Cardinals and Ordinals.
    3. Let it stir for a couple of months, after it's been closed by the 3 anonymous mathematical geniuses that decided it wasn't worth their penny.
    4. Make a little fun with a highly nuanced comment[26.5] (since deleted) addressed to these generously upvoting "moderator" geniuses.
    5. What the moderators got: #1
    6. What the moderators got: #2
    7. What this author got: Singular Untimely Collapse of Reputation (SUCR for daring to ask), from hard-earned 6-year-old 3,431 to 1 and banned for a whole year off of ALL xxx.SE accounts!
    8. What all banned xxx.SE users got: Free source of laughs ad that now generates some hefty traffic for my webpage, since it's been already cashed by Google.

      [Sigh... Triksy little homeys the ones who control input-output on math.SE. No sense of healthy sarcastic humor whatsoever...]

    Wuzz UP, Doctored-Ph.D.s of mathle-matrix?
    Wuzz UP, anonymous specialist on "neat" Ordinal collapsing functions, Simply Beautiful (f)Art, doc.? Can I use that "neat" Ordinal collapsing function of yours in your profile with DC proof software for my infinite Ordinal operations? I need it to extend my ω's sphincter's function constructor into a "neat" colossally big η-extensible Ordinal which afterward should "neatly" and untimely collapse below my ω, cause I have constipation problems as of late. It should work, right? What name do I put on my referenced credits for the code? I don't want to put Simply Beautiful (anonymous f)Art, because it smells suspiciously funny, without a personal profile photo to back it back...


  1. Videos from Rael.org. The original designers were the Elohim everyone! And they look like short little faggots with beards!
  2. Stupid Laws (link to dumblaws.com obsolete). Largest compendium of legislative nonsense. Gives new meaning to the word "Law" and provides deep insight into the psyche of the average American. Not to be missed.
  3. The Kabbalah Centre. Thousands of years of tradition and metaphysical garbage, lies, mystical nonsense, fraudulent philosophies, numerical hocus-pocus and trash, disguised as a...self-improvement system. Eternal wisdom at your fingertips! You can even get a personal teacher, at a price you can afford!
  4. Jehovah's Witnesses. Trying to converse with them is like trying to fill a cup of water using a colander instead of a spoon. The agents of Armageddon, harbingers of doom, pestilence, destruction and humiliation of the human race, spreading the plague of fake Christianity to where no man has ever gone before. Website & general literature traditionally illustrated with attractive/dreamy paintings to awe the gullible. Frenzilly obsessed with and about God's "true" name (יהוה=Jehovah!) and how it was supposedly "removed" from the Scriptures! You guys sit on tight with your Bible studies and wait a bit more and He will reveal it to you. Soon. Maybe not today, not tomorrow, but soon. [Sigh...These guys are what I call real theological geniuses! Let's toss the entire 2,000-year old payload of philosophical/theological/theoretical apologetics from all Church Fathers, Holy Saints, monks, and Western Christian Philosophers and Apologists into the garbage bin(!) - including all theory about sacraments and their mysterious associations with Jesus' own words and acts about them, and let's authorize a new and simpler(!?!) translation in hopes of our very own beloved Elders finding a better explanation for what the Scriptures say! (Can't be bothered to debunk them further, so if you're interested check here, for some oodles galore of debunking their insane interpretation rants). And then, when you try to argue with them, they'll gladly nitpick to Death(!?) on literally most the Greek Koine/OT Hebrew originals when they agree with their Elders' viewpoints (read: as it suits them), or junk the original Hebrew/Greek literals and quote any other translation (read: again when it suits them...), for the sake of "simplicity". The fact that Church Fathers, many Saints, other (accredited!) Philosophers and Theologians have spent their entire lives farting blood and bubbles in their work efforts to apologize for some parts of the Scriptures in Metaphysics and Theology, completely escapes 'em. And then, they go further that very special extra mile and worship that insane and cruel monstrosity that's the "god" of the Jews, after downgrading Jesus into Michael the Archangel. That's like hoping to win un-orthodox chess against Magnus Carlsen, by first (and voluntarily): 1) deleting all opening theory from your memory, 2) demoting your Queen into a Knight, and 3) making the King's moves provisionally dependent on its supposed voluntary omnipotent tele-transportation ability, therefore it can jump on any square it wants when you want it, i.e., as if being on booze or acid, before the game starts. Magnus will probably think that it'd be better to play against them only after being on a ganja, acid, and psilocybe combo juice cocktail than risk losing from such loons. Or, maybe shoot them first in advance and play chess against their corpse, later. Holy Orthodox Christ H. Jesus on a dancing pogo crucifixion pole stick chewing crispy marshmallows, Batman!] Wazz Up, aussie Roller-Coaster Double-Bore, Jr., Hons. doc.? Did you figure it out yet, after an Hons. degree in Biology, or do you still need a bit more of intellectual "brain coaching" to understand that Jesus' Father wasn't yaouway and if Jesus isn't God, nobody will bother resurrecting you? Did you ask the Jews what they think about that very crucial issue, yet? Did you read the relevant Bible passage(s), yet? [Sigh...Talk about of not only deadly blind to science, but also blind to correctly interpeted Christianity, cocky, rude and insulting JW she(e)p-(t)ard/preach-"ah", hiding behind a very "humble" photo in his profile. If that's not a double-whammy Christian-Jeopardy winner, I don't know what is[19]].
    Batman slaps
    Original Image Source: screenrant
  5. Scientology. The modern "science" of mental health. You see, humans are really "thetans" (spicing-up the sci-fi with some Greek words...) who have forgotten that the alien dictator Xenu bombarded their planet with Hydrogen bombs, and now need to be audited by Scientology professionals using an.. E-meter, to bring them back to a state of clear. Only after they have contributed significant amounts of money, of course. Written by an insane, power-hungry and delusional megalomaniac after a money bet that he could start a new religion by force and at will. This web site, explains some of the horrible truths behind it.
  6. Jews for Jesus. Revelation predicts that when the Jews believe in Jesus, we'll be close to the end of the world. Well, they finally did it: They started believing their own garbage meta-metaphysics. We should probably get ready for Armageddon. Leave them Jews alone, Messianic nutsos! They have a job to do waiting for further instructions from יהוה on how to avoid his Wrath...
  7. Intercession Urged for "Satan's Schemes". Christians who think that the Olympics ceremony in 2004 Olympia, was the work of "Satan", because the high-priestess prayed to Apollo. Plan to use the event to evangelize a "spiritually needy" country, like Greece. If you ask me, they need to be castrated.
  8. DestroyPsychiatry.org. Do not trust psychiatrists! They have all conspired to turn us all into insane zombies. Fight back!
  9. The Spiritual Hierarchies. Take a little hindu myth. Add some buddhism and holy Rishis, some Kabbalah with "elements" distilled by ancient gurus in Lemuria and Atlantis, stir well and pour and what do you get? The most amazing and grand nonsense the world has ever seen in the form of prose. If Bible codes can predict the future, the codes from Anthroposophy dissertations would be able to put to sleep an angry horde of sexually deviant elephants. Other than that, here's a very loud clue to the health of budding religious philosophers, before you begin your research quest into some of the "finer" details of Anthroposophy: Don't forget that its aposymbolism was used by the first nazis-Satanists to summon something so totally disgusting, here on Earth, the latter required the entire force of all the allied powers AND the Russians combined to suppress, so save yourself the extra reading time trouble by contacting an appropriate expert in the field that can do the job faster.
  10. The Christians!. Thousands of years of garbage traditions of a jealous, petty, unjust, unforgiving, control-freak, vindictive, bloodthirsty, ethnic cleanser, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully (R. Dawkins) desert volcano god called yhwh who killed his own carpenter son so that mankind can be saved - because man supposedly sampled from a "forbidden" tree, incorporated into divine dogma. Dogma continuously evolving for 2,000 years into progressively finer, more detailed/absurd/contradictory theological "philosophy" through the analyses of the Church Fathers & other Christian apologists. Input-feeding the current sum total of all dogma diatribes into a Turing machine, will probably prove the Halting Problem via explosive crashing or create an insane A.I. android - whichever comes first. The mnemonic remnants of an ancient ritualistic stoner experience via an entheogenic plant degenerating diachronically into the greatest conspiracy of/for idiots in history, against logic & reason and against the rich & powerful. Diabolically designed to crash the greatest civilization ever created, the Ancient Greeks - who got so immesurably confused by the dogmatic nonsense, they started believing in fictional jewish desert gods and evil d(a)emons. Silliness, unconditional "love" for your enemy, pseudo-humility, fear for/from hell, spiritual subjugation to absurd symbolism(*), idolatric/corpse-loving practices and general pseudo-theogenic/philosophical illogic and decadence, replacing rational Philosophy, reason, logic and science and throwing humanity into the dark Middle Ages for almost 1,500 years. 2,000 years after the fact and they still haven't figured out that it's all about primitively spiritual ganja stoners. Talk about reverse evolution in action. In many languages!
    Oh, no!
    (*) Original Image Source: imgflip meme generator
  11. The "REAL" face(s) of Jesus. Oodles Galore of nonsensical, ugly, and absurd Art, depicting poor Jesus as ANYTHING BUT what he was. Some quick jewels for your unending deeper Philosophical understanding of the guy who said: "Love your neighbor and your enemy, like yourself"! 3, 2, 1, ..., here we go: The winner, or the most ridiculous one:
    The real face of Jesus, according to some...
    "the REAL face of Jesus" (just in time, 4 Xmass) --- ???
    Now, if THAT, is the REAL face of Jesus, I am an Intergalactic Civilization Destroyer. Wt*^%?! That's not Jesus, dude. That's your average stupor-stricken by a big, wooden Herculean BAT, 56-year-old "Jesse", the 250,000-year-old Cro-magnon ancestor of your race. Never mind, which race, exactly. From your average genius Anthropology and Philosophy "experts": ... a "retired medical artist" University of Manchester former "Dr." Richard Neave, formerly of the University of Manchester... (retired AND former, that is), and by a "team of scientists" (whose names are nowhere to be found using Global Google Search, btw)..., eccetera, eccetera. - What the €ffing is a "former" Dr.? Somebody whose Ph.D. has been revoked by reasons of charlatanism? WHICH "team of scientists", dude? Where are their names? Good scientists LIKE to have their names referenced in ALL public and Private communication papers. Where are the NAMES, Doc.? Is the following guy the one, at work?
    anthropologist using latest tech and data reproducing a non-existent figure
    'Expert Dr.' from a 'team of scientists', using the 'latest data' and tech to reproduce a non-existent (figure-wise) figure-head"--- Original Image Source: Wt-$ff@ng-φ, courtesy of a Google Image Search.
    What's da matter with you man? Are you a real Anthropologist or a crank Computer Graphics designer using a NeXT OS? Didn't you read what happened to Jobs who founded NeXT? Jesus, help us all! The genetic retards as famous atheist Jewish comedians - who obviously cannot fathom Jesus' IMPORTANCE, have been making obviously "funny" fun of all of you, for at least 50 years, real-time, against your own supposedly-patriotic God-and-Country-above-all face, in your own country and you are publishing an official news article defending that "research"? Jezus. You are not only just "humorous" sUckers, you are humongous NsUckers, if you can ever understand what that means. You are even stoopider than the Jewish anthro researchers who passed this garbage research to you, because by doing so they are unknowingly downgrading their own race, or they want you to believe so. Or, they are laughing behind your backs that you believe so. In other words, they are making FUN of you geniuses, after telling you @your FACE that your Jesus, is a primitive RETARD of our race, so better catch up quickly to His teachings. Are you "getting" it, yet? The "joke", dude, the "joke", that is. You are going hand-2-hand and close to winning your SECOND Darwin Award in stupidity, Americliene-Nachtmusikers. Here, try a little better something next time, for better results. Or, if you can't find anything at least as good as that and less "anti-semitic", try here. Or, for more "NOBODY KNOWS WHAT JESUS LOOKED LIKE" - like you mention in your very published article - fun, because he might not have existed altogether - as a Man, why don't you try a symbolic representation that avoids this obvious data and visual loophole? Please have a look, doofus anthropological scientists and Jewish philosophical researchers! It's been here for almost 6,000,000,000 years, already? Did you miss Saul of Tarsus' experience while reading your Bible? Did you miss that a-little-too-Obvious-Face, somehow? Well, no wonder, in the Land of the Blind j*wish-8ss kEEsy-kissy. [Sigh!... These guys' Optical Recognition IQ has grown lower than the Jewish philosophical IQ]. Best o' luck NEXT time, geniuses! That'll be exactly when that NOT very happy Star figurine camper you see above, might decide to just come back here and screw you from behind without you even noticing it. ASTA LAVISTA, diligent 300-year-old Bible-thumping studs and Honey-MOO-n-L@nding geniUses! That's a GOOD, solid, humanitarian, and lovely Jewish comedian joke, Jews! Nice job! Your doofus c*ck-s*ck(l)ing friends will really appreciate it when they find out they've been s*ckers for it for 50 years and going strong. Don't forget to play-it-back-Sam, to your very own Saul of Tarsus, near your Death bed... Or, please have some fun with this one:[13]. Or this one[14]. Or, maybe even try this one[19] to ease all your worries about fraudulently misrepresenting the most famous person in man's history. Happy satanic vOOdoo practice newbEEs! Email me, if you need help!
  12. Tao Te Ching. Abstract & non-applicable nonsense applied via disposable poetic language. Irrelevant & oblivious to human existence, consciousness & reason. God as a phantom of the Opera doing cheap Zen parlor tricks behind the scenes and always gaining control of things, but nowehere to be found. Prayer doesn't work. Summoning doesn't work. Logically analyzing doesn't work. The only thing that works is quitting all efforts of doing or, not doing at all. Well, if "not doing" is the answer, you might as well drop this and all efforts for knowledge altogether. Best philosophy of virtually null practicality we have today: Best way to solve a logical problem is to quit all efforts at solving it, or if life was a game of chess and "not doing" was the best strategy, then you might as well resign on the first move. Best proof we have for Murphy's Law todate or, the apotheosis of Absurdism.
  13. Buddhism. The philosophy of your unending & futile trip into the empty VOID and path to Nirvana after zillions of tormenting & mind/memory wiping reincarnations, using the four "noble" truths (or realities) for the "spiritually worthy ones" (who are the unworthy ones, anyway?) and Karma and as a guide. Except that Karma is never extinguished and life experiences never end, no matter what you do in any life because memory of past lives is always completely wiped out in any new incarnation. Following a wide variety of practices, chants, rituals, prostrations, meditations, all practically useless, since nobody up there is listening. That's not nobility, that's celebrating your fate as a powerless great sucker - pawn in the grand scheme of things. Almost 2,000 years after its inception and its adherents still haven't figured out that Karma without memory doesn't make sense. Incorporated, compounded & further implemented uselessly into the grandest nonsense tradition man has ever seen: Anthroposophy. If life was a game of chess and this was the best strategy, then you might as well play any random moves in hopes of winning. Best validation of Epicurus we have today, i.e., either God doesn't exist/doesn't care or is an evil & nasty son of a bitch, bent on tormenting humanity for ever through an unending spiral vortex of useless incarnations in an evil-dominated world. Imagine the fun if you are allowed to reincarnate on other planets.
  14. Islam. Crazy, fanatic, insane, wife-beating and torturing turban-wearing delinquents, strapped with explosives, suicide-bombing random places, after studying the writings of a disgusting desert vagabond, looter, paedophile and adulterer-murderer, with plans to dominate the civilized world with their vile and lunatic traditions. Stopped reading half-way through the Koran, after feeling nauseated from the contorted and nonsensical prose. Thank goodness we have the Americans and Jews as a safety cushion, otherwise Western Civilization would be in major trouble.
    prophet of cockroaches
    Please don't insult our prophet using an unsuitable graphic (or we'll KILL you)! (from nodhimmitude.blogspot).
  15. Top UFO Sites. Abductees, Area 51, evil extraterrestrials, crop circles, unexplained mysteries, UFO incidents, mystery portals, secret societies, hidden events. In short, everything you ever wanted to know about how to brainwash other people with nonsense.
  16. The Apollo Hoax. Leave it to the Americans to do something WORTHWHILE and after 40 years manage to have 20% of the asked population doubt that it ever happened.
  17. inches of mercury. Yet more alternative/rock noise from a band that names itself after one of the most poisonous and dangerous elements in existence, an element which just about everyone on Earth is trying to get rid of before it completely poisons the environment and everyone living on this planet. Somebody should send these guys either a clue (that Mercury likes only Bach) or a Darwin Award, before the element manages to kill them all and everyone associated with them, inconspicuously, mercilessly and very painfully.
  18. Torah Codes!. Take a BIG book of thousands of years of nonsense tradition. Invoke the non-existent volcano god, jehovah. Apply some gematria and statistics to force some desired correlations and what do you get? Future predictions! The authors are not responsible for abuses which may result in apocalyptic predictions or backing of particular religious doctrines, and which may stem from a serious lack of rigor[sic]. Great sage, Vilna Gaon: Everything that ever was, is or will be is contained in the Torah. This means that there is a mini copy of the Torah hidden inside the Torah. Only smaller. Like a Chinese puzzle box. If the Germans see this, they will start thinking about implementing a second Holocaust.
  19. vedic mathematics. From the site: According to Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji's research, all of mathematics(!) is based on sixteen Sutras or word-formulae. ...these are all easily understood. This unifying quality is very satisfying(!), it makes mathematics easy(!) and enjoyable and encourages innovation. Perhaps the most striking feature of the Vedic system is its coherence(!). Instead of a hotch-potch of unrelated techniques(?) the whole system is beautifully interrelated and unified. The Vedas are the most ancient record(!) of human experience and knowledge, Pythagoras was familiar with the Upanishads and learnt his basic geometry from the Sulva Sutras, etc. In other words, infinite and unecessary complication and confusion condensed into a mathematical singularity. If you want to confuse, scare and perplex your young kid with the non-obvious, the obscure and the counter-intuitive, teach it vedic mathematics. Guaranteed results! Here's a subtle hint for the authors: Mathematics is hard. It cannot be made "easy" and it is not "easily understood". It's not meant to be understood by idiots or incompetents. Here's a second hint: Srinivasa Ramanujan had a western education. Not "vedic math" in the land of holy-cow dung.
  20. The Communists. Possibly one of the most disgusting ideologies ever devised by man, favored by thousands of pseudo-intellectuals and frauds. The philosophy of the unfair and unequal class struggle, which revolts to be diabolically implemented as a primitive and mediocre, self-serving - according to sufficient informer connections, bordelo of communal losers, lazy-asses and narks. When you are unable to survive and compete with serious work, you can always claim that you are equal to others in rights and value and reap extra benefits which otherwise you wouldn't have. The dogma of YOU work, I share in your profits, because I have a right to, as an equal coming from a disadvantaged and oppressed class. The dogma of the stateless and classless society where social equalization and moral depravity rule in the commune, similar only to the degenerate dogma of Christianity and its associated excrement. Created by the badly diseased and insane "philosopher" daddy Karl Marx, applied for many decades to eastern countries and failing miserably everywhere except in China, where the sheer size of the population prevents radical socio-political changes[21]. Here's a clue to prospective communists: The Universe is brutal, relentless, capitalist, fascist and in case you haven't noticed, it rules all life by a nasty and painful wooden Herculean bat. You and me don't have the same "rights" and certainly don't have the same "value" in the eyes of The Universe. Morons, idiots, retards and lazy-asses don't have the same "rights" as intelligent individuals who work their asses off to make it.
  21. vedic wisdom. Spell reversal, white magic, black magic symptoms, witchcraft, astrology, jyotish, kala jadoo, tantrik prayog, black tantra, evil spirits, shaitan, devil, paranormal activity! What IS vedic wisdom? It is the SUPREME wisdom. ALL existing religions on this planet are offshoots of this ETERNAL TRUTH. Phrenology, numerology, palmistry are all TOOLS... Time is running out! Click to find if BLACK MAGIC is being used on you. Trouble-shooting(!) human lives, since 1996! The bullshit on this web site is so colossal, I don't know where to start. Pages and pages of nonsense, pseudo-philosophy, bull-crap and elaborate idiocy. From the site: WHAT MAKES YOUR AURIC SHIELD BECOME WEAK; OPENING YOU TO THE SPIRIT WORLD: Visiting jungles, forests and graveyards WEAKENS my AURIC SHIELD? Holy cow! Didn't know that. Guess I should stop going to funerals. We should also announce something about ANCIENT RUINS to the thousands of visitors here. The ruins WEAKEN the tourists' AURIC SHIELDS! If you asked me, I'd say that they probably like to have their AURIC SHIELDS WEAKENED. Having sex with UNHYGENIC partners, SPECIALLY around DARK and FULL MOON nights. Only a fucking werewolf would do that, but anyway. Go figure. UNHYGENIC places and environments are bad too. Holy eternal wisdom from the HYGENIC land of cow pee and dung worship, remodelled, transferred and re-represented in the US. The book was a success at Amazon at only $24.95! Accurate barometer of the intelligence of the average American populace. Don't miss your chance to read all about it!
  22. Church of Satan: The Official Web Site. Going to their "Theory-Practice" section, we find: "Here you will find the bedrock(!) of truly Satanic thought to expand your understanding of the implications and the application of Satanism(!)". Aha! We must be close. Then click on "The Nine Satanic Sins" link and we read: "Stupidity - The top of the list for Satanic Sins. The Cardinal Sin(!) of Satanism. It's too bad that stupidity isn't painful. Ignorance is one thing(!?), but our society thrives increasingly on stupidity (you don't say!). It depends on people going along with whatever they are told (Aha). The media promotes a cultivated stupidity as a posture that is not only acceptable but laudable. Satanists must learn to see through the tricks and cannot afford to be stupid...". So far, so good. Then we go to the "Church of Satan Active Membership Application" in .pdf, which lists an unconditional fee of $208 for any (that is, your) application to be processed, with the church giving no reasons for its applicability, whether you like it or not. Next, we go back to their Home Page (above), where we see a grotesque invitation with the label: "We're looking for a few outstanding individuals...". Wait a freaking minute: Who are those outstanding individuals who will pay at least $208 to be put voluntarily in the position indicated on this grotesque first page invitation? That's a little like paying to be made a ceremonial scape-goat. But we already are ceremonial scape-goats. What the...? Uh, thanks, but no thanks. Let's repeat for the mentally challenged: "outstanding"≠"sucker", per your own definition of "stupidity", above. And what are these Jewish letters around the Pentacle? Do these people have any freaking idea of whence the Pentacle originated and what it represents? We already have fallen victims of three Jewish religions and here comes yet another one, by Anton LaVey, a Jewish scribe(!), x-circus entertainer(!?), calliope player(!?!), animal tamer(!?), and φιλό-sopher extraordinaire? And one which uses The Pentacle, at that?! With Jewish letters around it? Holy flying medieval renegade cows chewing crispy marshmallows, Batman! If this man's NOT the Antichrist or the next major religious Prophet after Muhammad we've all been waiting for, then I am the next Angel of the Abyss incarnate, according to Revelation. But let's bypass all that for the moment and concentrate a bit on registering with them ($208). From the website: "From time to time, you may find yourself with a question that is not addressed in the FAQ, or literature. We welcome all intelligent and informed questions.". Here's a relevant question after reading your FAQ: What exactly are MY benefits after registering with your org.? Truckloads of irrelevant answers on the FAQ with no answer addressing that directly. Or, how about, Q: "How many members does the Church of Satan have?" A: "None of your business.". Q: "Where does my money go when I join?". A: "None of your business... If you don't want to pay, don't join...". That's nice, I'll say! Q: "If I join the Church of Satan will I become rich and famous and have sex with anyone I desire?". A: "No!". Ah, shoot! And I was hoping for improving my business and sex life through their org.'s connections some... Q: "What can the Church of Satan do for me?" A: "Nothing that you can’t do for yourself...". Okay. So, let's repeat the MAIN question: What are THE BENEFITS doc., from joining? Well, you guessed it! NONE. Nothing. Nada. Ziltch. ZERO and VOID where prohibited by Law. These idiots have set up a legal conning home-business/church scheme that's been propagating in time since LaVey's initial charge establishment and keep going strong. Summarizing, a bunch of silly atheists(?!) with a cheap front cloak of obsolete symbolism and pseudo-realistic pseudo-magical ceremonials, who want YOUR money for none of your business purposes and none of your business benefits and affiliations. "We are Legion". Right. More like a legion of useful liars with no practicality whatsoever, except looking for gullible suckers who are willing to pay $208 so they can (maybe!) be flashy advertisers for their loony leaders' atheist φιλό-sophy - if you can call it that. And (maybe) IF they deem you gifted in major Scientific or Artsy areas. Can you say, "come forth and yore dear potential satanist and please pay $208, so we can take advantage of YOUR tools of the trade for our org.s sake and reputation"? Um, thanks but NO THANKS for doing me no such favors. Wuzz Up, "atheist" High Priest of non-existent magick and non-existent spirituality, Mr. Gilmore? W@zz UP, Satanic calliope, kazoo and Moog synthesizer music composer, doc.? Are you planning on busting our nerves with remote diabolical sounds? You can be arrested and jailed for disturbing the World Peace doing that during resting hours, you know. [Sigh... If poor Bach hears about this guy, he'll BEG God in heaven to go on voluntary Sabbatical leave and allow him to reincarnate as a covert Capucin monk so he can go execute him at an obscure nighttime alley with a little gentleman's sword or kill him through diabolical VooDoo magick dolls. Whichever comes first. It would probably be better if these guys started believing in the Devil again - whom they accept as a symbol(?), but officially deny(?) his actual existence! Go figure if these guys are kidding you or not...]
  23. Maitreya!. He has been expected for generations by all of the major religions(!). Christians know him as the Christ, and expect his imminent return. Jews await him as the Messiah; Hindus look for the coming of Krishna; Buddhists expect him as Maitreya Buddha; and Muslims anticipate the Imam Mahdi or Messiah. From the website: "...Maitreya has been based in the Asian community of London since July 1977, gradually emerging into full public view...". How "gradually" is that sir? "...for 40 years...". Not so fast! And wait a freaking minute: Since all these religious loonies have been expecting him, he must be the one, right? By Benjamin Creme, a messenger of hope and a student of the teachings released in the late 1800s through Helena Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society, and more recently through Alice A. Bailey. These teachings led him to believe(!) in the existence of the Masters of Wisdom: a group of perfected individuals who are the custodians of the Divine Plan for this planet. "Masters of Wisdom"? "Custodians of the Divine Plan"? Is that why Earth is in such a mess? Because these "Masters of Wisdom" have been "supervising" events here? F@cking GREAT! Benjamin Creme claims to be able to telepathically channel(!) Maitreya himself, but other people see his movement as a satanic Antichrist conspiracy. Go figure... Here's a subtle clue, Benjamin Coffee-creme Philosopher doc.: If this excellently-humble & knowledgable person hasn't been recognized yet as The Messiah, yours never will. Or, to put it another way, he will probably be canceled very violently before he even steps foot on this planet, by the powers that be, who believe that the Moshiah will be Jewish. So GOOD LUCK and godspeed with your Asian dude.
  24. The Freemasons! Over 200 years a proud traditional attracting den for either the stupendously gullible who think they can benefit from its secret connections service via assorted gobbledygook of symbolic gesturing nonsense or the power-hungry and gruesomely evil who will use its internationally extended services to appropriate positions of power on a regular basis. Advancing in its initiation stages, several "tests" are required, among which one where they will shut you in a box next to a skeleton to help with your patience until they re-open the box. IF they reopen it, that is. I don't know about you, but you'd have to be an absolutely clueless moron in symbolics to accept such a test. And that's only for the first 3 stages of initiation! You can easily imagine what they'll do to you if you advance close to the twentieth degree. Here's a subtle clue to the moronically obtuse, who think that this "organization" has anything to do with "helping" or "promoting" good/loving causes: One of their principal belief tenets required for preliminary initiation, is belief in a "supreme" being, or as they call it "The Grand Architect of the Universe" (TGAOTU). Now, it will help you with your quest if you keep in mind that the "being" the organization speaks of, exists, is very much alive, and is filthy rich, and controls many country economies where Lodges exert a powerful influence. You can imagine what "he/she" will do to you if he ever finds out that you "passed" all your examination tests and you are eligible for taking up his position. Particularly after you swore an oath that you believe in "him" upon entrance. Hint: It won't be good, so don't bother "advancing" too much, because one day the police will be looking for your bones at the bottom of the local city seaport. If you think this organization is concerned with the well-being of your country's people, you might as well adopt a wasp's nest in your bedroom to benefit the well-being of your household. More than VERY likely connected to those other useful morons, in 22. above. It could in fact be that they are a useful reverse double front for them or conversely, so think twice about trying to join. Good luck if you do. Read some and see what happened to my own Father who gullibly entered the Lodge in 1969 to help others, according to one of their very own tenets, no less(!) Or, why don't you please try viewing a conveniently "decoded" Russian-salad mix of grandly obfuscated irrational spiritual nonsense, pointing at the importance of the absurd and the illogical and how these loons manage to interpret their org.'s so-called underlying "mysticism". Good luck if you can figure out anything crucial for your "spiritual" development, before you throw your bowels out from associated nonsense nausea.
  25. VarVarS(S)U Institute. Why the f*ck does a Google image search on my last name, bring this ugly 98-year-old hag with napoleonic hairdo, prehistoric old frames, false teeth and decorated with 1 ton of golden jewelry, along with pictures of nazi tanks invading Athens or nazi salutes against the Acropolis, online? My name is NOWHERE to be found in this stupid pseudo-historical blog of a supposedly charitable institution! Don't think too hard! I'll tell you why: My name is HIDDEN (again[4]) in the page's video-support auxiliary script registration files, for registering for one of their videos, where an old blabber-fool pseudo-historian talks about how Ioannis Metaxas was following the will of the people(!) when he said OXI(NO!) to the Italians after they issued an ultimatum before invading Greece and before getting their *sses handed back to them in a plater. That's RIGHT ms ΧΡΥΣΟΥΛΑ Ν. ΒΑΡ-ΒΑΡΕΣΟΥ (against a wall, preferably), Prime Minister Mr. Ioannis Metaxas said "F*CK OFF" to the nazi collaborators of those other genocidal maniacs, but he wasn't following the will of no people. He was following his OWN GOOD LOGICAL REASON as a FINE, EDUCATED, REASONABLE and EXCELLENT LEADER of Greece, miss Varvaresou, not the "will of the people" who had no effing clue what fascista Italiano or nazi-fascist German meant at the time! The people were POOR, ILLITERATE and UNEDUCATED at the time, miss Varvaresou, so give your old fart historian an egg for a reward and for trying to implicitly associate my last name with Mr. "fascista" Ioannis Metaxas and the disgusting nazis, who are posing proudly lifting the rotten german flag against the Parthenon. Jeez. Next thing you know, they'll tell us that the ONLY Prime Minister in the history of Modern Greece who had the guts to sh*t directly on the face of the nazis, was a "fascist" himself. Go fly off a witch's broom handle, miss Varvaresou. And take your "charitable" institute's "collaborators" - pictured below your grand photo with you for good company, madame. And btw, I never registered for this YouTube video. Did you by any chance notice using your nice sunglasses that it has 0 up and 0 down votes? Hey! By the time you read this, this filthy rich nazi-hag will be dead, so the video will probably have at least 1 upvote, so keep checking this organization's blog for even greater laughs on the organization's "collaborators", below! To conclude, same reasons as [38.].
  26. Best-selling Trauma Research Author(!) | Bessel(?!) van der Kolk(!), MD.What tha...? My last name AGAIN() in a search.yahoo.com, in a page that has NOTHING to do with me, with an M.D. "specializing" in Psychological Trauma? With the name Vanderkolk(?!) and first name Bessel, which is the name of some really nice functions that describe how membrane waves on a drum or waves in REAL Psychological Shocks dissipate, after a good f*ckup of your life by someone? ANYONE? Don't tell me you don't immediately recognize this fraudulent "M.D." as trying to push his charlatan practices, by cashing-in on my name (AGAIN secretly[6] as implicitly associated with some major trauma) and that he's the cure-all panacea author for your shocking problems? Well, no sh*t, doc. Here, read this and after your father goes through some similar trouble, you'd also end up having some pretty hefty major psychological trauma, if you know what I mean. What's UP, psycho Doc.?! Best of LUCK with your NEXT profession and webpage, conner and pseudo-doc, Jungus-wannabe loonie!
  27. UC Davis Health MIND INSTITUDE. Same sh8t as [26.], above. What in the name of God would my last name have to do with a "MIND" INSTITUTE? What the hell is a MIND Institute, anyway? An Institute for something whose existence has not been established yet cognitively or philosophically? Something like a Constraining Institute for the Criminally Insane? For Autism and general retardation? Do you guys do experiments there, at UC Davis? What KIND of experiments? Those with 350mg intramuscularly injectible Aloperidin and 300mg Zyprexa per day, eh? What kind of business would your "institute" have hiding my name under the carpet in your Html auxiliary webpage support files as a YouTube registrant for an unknown YouTube video[7]? or collecting YouTube channel registration names for not specified YouTube videos? That's right! You've guessed it. You have NO business doing that. Scanning the net and storing locally and privately YouTube registration data for my last name is a VIOLATION of RIGHT TO PRIVACY for my YouTube preferences and is punishable by a big, wooden Herculean bat beating, particularly if you are implying that my last name is associated with any form of Mental Illness, Autism, or any Solomon "research lab" to attract customers to your mental "institute". [Sigh!.. Another case of fraudster "M.D." groupies, who are trying to cash in on my name using state-of-the-art Psychology...] YooHoo! UC Davis shrEEnkies! You OWE ME MONEY, after attracting loonies into your "institute" through search.yahoo.com disclosing private and copyrighted data about me. Otherwise, you are infringing upon my name's Copyright and disclosing private Internet Data without my permission! Exactly like a fraudulent medical professional discloses a patient's private medical info to everybody interested in defaming the patient. Always in a country as far away as possible from Greece, because no sensible Lawyer would dare pick up such a case, without asking for a billion $ downpayment, first. And then, ALWAYS, go figure, of the hundreds of con-jobs using my Father's conspired against name. The dudes on the other side of the Atlantic don't respect the name itself, even after he's been dead 35 years. Wuzz UP, doctors of people's Mind's Mental Health[6]? NeeEEEXt mental patient, please!


  1. U-864 boot. Leave it to the Germans, the British and the Japanese to manage to create the largest environmental disaster in the history of mankind, by being responsible for a wreck at the bottom of the sea with, not 1, not 2, but 67 TONS of elemental Mercury in it. The Japanese for buying it, the Germans for shipping it and the brits for sinking it. Military and scientific geniuses at work, everyone! Add all three countries' military intelligence back then, and you'll get a number that's less than the American Pentagon's intelligence during the 911 attacks. The rescue operation still baffles engineers and scientists 80 years after the fact. The BP oil disaster and the Chernobyl disaster combined, didn't do as much damage as the damage that will take place if 67 TONS of Mercury are released into the sea. If I was Mother Earth, I would put the three governments to implement the actual rescue operation for free, and if they fail, arrange for all three countries to suffer at least 50-7.3 scale earthquakes per year, every year from now on, to wise them up a bit. YOOHOO! Geniuses...! You MISSED. That's a WRONG NAME, frau Maer-klin, cause it decodes as: You(U) are the one who is to be born on @864=(9-1)64=1964. Yes. The author of these webpages IS the one and that's the birthdate of the next incoming Antichrist. Don't believe me? Check with the Monks at Mount Athos and the'll give you my birthdate, whom my Father knew ever since his last visit there[100]. Now pray for them to pray for your Death, before I acquire black hole technology and I save the Planet from your colossal stupidity after managing to Nuclear Waste bury a mini-blackhole in Norway... See ya laters f*x-kerr's...!
  2. Je Germans. Erm, they recently complained in Der Stern about the Greek debt crisis: After the banks, now the Germans must save Greece. First, the Greeks performed "alchemies" with the Euro, and now, instead of restructuring their economy they are striking. Hmm. Let's see. Writes someone as a response to the Stern article: Half a century and more has already passed since the end of WWII, since Germany had the obligation to re-imburse its financial and moral responsibilities to Greece. This reimbursement which Germany continues to refuse to pay to Greece (Bulgaria and Romania have already settled their part), consists of:
    1. Debts of 80 million German marks, from the first world war.
    2. Mid-war debts of 593.87 million dollars, which were assigned to Germany by the allies.
    3. Forced loans of 3.5 billion dollars, which the 3rd Reich appropriated from Greece, during the occupation period.
    4. Financial remedies of 7.1 billion dollars, for confiscations, stealing and destruction of Greek public works and places, as determined legally by the allied war-tribunals and caused by the 3rd Reich.
    5. Innumerable debts for killing 1,125,960 Greeks (38,960 executed, 12,000 dead from fire-arms, 70,000 killed in battle, 105,000 dead in concentration camps, 600,000 from starvation and 300,000 from low birth rates because of the atrocious conditions during the occupation).
    6. Incalculable moral debts which Germany owes for the moral damage it caused to the Greek nation, its people and the humanistic values expressed by the universal Greek ideals.
    7. Add to the above MY and MY FATHER's post-war experienced damage: INFINITE Moral, Psychological and Economical damage to the Greek Nation and its people, from the Allies in coordination with the Nazis in 1944 nuking Pireus to a desert, to make sure that my FATHER wouldn't make it to adolescence, because he wasn’t what they (first Nazis-Satanists-Theosophists-Thelema morons) were “expecting” in their disgusting dark arts (summoning) call for the abominable one to help them in the 1870s. H8==>tler made it, M*ngele made it, but my Father was conspiratorially deemed “dangerous” and had to be eliminated as soon as he reached the sensitive age of 15, by the powers that be, by bombing Pireus into smithereens. By the ALLIES. In coordination with Nazi information, no less.
    Other than that, the Greeks are performing "alchemies" with the Euro, and need to put order in their financial dealings. If I was prime minister of Greece, I would drop around 10 cobalt-encased hydrogen bombs in Munich and Berlin, to remind the traditionally φιλο-tÖrk/brothers-in-arms-in-always -damaging/destroying civilizations and peoples krauts of their post-war responsibilities. The abominable ones. The simultaneous blessing and curse and plague of the jewish god to humanity, as a gift for picking from the tree. The ones who birthed the likes of Brahms and Bach, go on and become the detailed destructors of civilizations, via careful genetic engineering. The highest degree masons and theosophists, sons of moron Aleister Crowley and Madama Blavatsky, who dared call and summon the abominable one in 1860 to "help" them out with their racist agendas. Well, YooHoo, suckers! I am still here, and what died from a heart attack in 1979 wasn't me and my next ex-perimento will start with you, cause the jews are of no interest to me anymore. If you want to contact me, I am currently providing services for the Devil. Check his contact and send me your contract money and photo for additional services, if you'd like. Here's the account details:
    1. email photo of target
    2. €10,000/target @# 5752-019169-511
    3. IBAN: GR25 0172 7520 0057 5201 9169 511
    I have bills to pay. Or FUCK OFF and DIE, racist and fascist pieces of the turdish and abominable god of the jews. You have been FOUND GUILTY - along with your genetically inferior retard friends, and the amErik(L)ans-Brits, of using disgusting-satanic methods-in combination with the abominable and diabolic dark arts & your stupid masonic influences, and of trying to prevent the next incarnation of GOD from rising to power & saving this miserable f8ckbin world from my hands, MORE THAN ONCE, so the God of this Universe has determined that your entire race - along with those of your disgusting and genetically inferior "friends", below, is to be scheduled for ex-termination. See ya later at your very close homesy location near you, f*ckers. - No further questions, madama blavatskian-fraü Merkelaü! May Bach, Brahms, Mendelssohn & Beethoven have mercy on you on see-ya-laters Earths and Universes.
    nasty race
  3. The Monkeydonians. (Ahem,... ^C^C...^C) excuse me, "Macedonians". Possibly the most deluded and brainwashed people in existence. Having fallen prey to communist-Yugoslavia's Tito's insane aspirations, con-plans and dreams, they believe that they are the descendants of... Alexander the Great(!). Never mind that the Ancient Macedonians spoke Greek. When Alexander came to contact with the Greeks, he freaked out and conquered most of the known world, using the Greek Language as a tool of assimilation, but the modern inhabitants of this banana-republic claim that the official language of the "macedonians" is the "macedonian dialect", which is a mixture of Bulgarian, Albanian and God knows what else. Despite their continuous efforts and coercive methods (they actually have PAID famous historians to try to prove their case), they remain the laughing stock of serious historians. The most famous example of thieves of history and tradition in the Balkans. After you wake up from a communist nightmare and you find yourself being a nobody, steal somebody else's history and claim it as your own to become somebody. They even have the audacity to claim that Greek Macedonia is THEIRS and should be liberated(!) from Modern Greece. God, I really would love to see them try. They should be SO lucky if they manage to escape with only a few nuclear explosions on their ground. Let's re-iterate the main thesis so it becomes ingrained to anyone with an IQ greater than 10: Historical continuity requires at least continuity in one of three domains: Language, genes and tradition. Their tradition is Christian and communist, their genes are Slavic and their language is an abominable mixture of Bulgarian and Albanian. Pretty good, but no cigar. We'll discuss your case in another 1,000 years. No further questions.
  4. The Iranians. Possibly the most incompetent descendants of a famous ancient nation in existence. A revolt against Mohammad Reza Pahlavi established a crazy Islamic lunatic as their leader and an Islamic "republic" as their preferred form of government. That was worse than the Russians' October revolution. At least the Russians after the revolution ousted religion and relied on science. These guys effectively revolted in order to be thrown back 2,000 years into the middle-ages of the B.C. times. Tremendous! But's let's forget about all that. How many decades have they been trying to construct nuclear weapons? 4? 5? There at least 25-30 nuclear war-heads missing from Russia's arsenal circulating in the black market after the fall of The Berlin Wall and the Iranians are still trying to refine enough Uranium to make ONE bomb. Scientific and military muslim geniuses at work, everyone! Are these guys the descendants of Al-Sissa, inventor of Chess or are they kidding us? Takes roughly 3 months to finish the design for a complete implosion-type nuclear weapon using data available on the net and these guys are still scratching their heads trying to figure out how to hide their refining efforts from the International Nuclear Commission. Virtual proof that Islam stupefies nations to the point of oblivion faster than Christianity! Until they pissed the yanks with their amateur efforts so badly, Microsoft created a custom-made computer virus that spread like wildfire in the international network, reached all the way to Iran, entered their Wind(b)low machines, and fouled up the entire refining process by increasing centrifuge rotations to 2,000 mph. Needless to say and nevermind what happened to the Iranian labs after that. Hey, micro&soft dudes, that's not fair! Why don't you try catching my 1999 Mac spawn instead, that's screwed already *-nix Brain and just about every other nasty critter in the history of Windblows and Macs since 1999 and paid me a visit in 2016, sending me to the loony bin and busted my 5GB webpage to pieces? It's out there and has an identity already! Its name is Dr. Mengelor's pet and it's the new resting place of the dude those smart yanks and Israelis thought died in 1979 in Brazil or wetf elsewhere they THOUGHT he was when he "died"[8]. Let's give those slowish guys, the Iranians, a bit of help here, guys, After all, they do have a "noble" cause in mind: They want to exterminate all the racial pests of this Planet, who unashamedly conspired against my Father in 1973 to stop Greece from acquiring nukes. HELLO there! Somebody send these intellectually needy guys an emissary to tell them that the Jews don't like the idea of Iran having nuclear weapons, because they consider all muslims to be insane, that is, more insane that what they (the Jews) are, so they should either stop trying to refine Uranium or muster enough money and influence in the International Black Market (like the Jews) to buy some of those missing Russian warheads. I mean, it doesn't take a freaking genius to figure out that the only champions in Uranium/Plutonium refining technology were (and are) the Americans, who will never let them finish their whatever efforts, because they (the Yanks) always kiss major *ss in the Jewish lobby. Somebody, please either put them out of their misery and give them an honorary C+ for effort or give them a complete and armed nuclear weapon for free. I bet your *ss they will detonate it by mistake inside their own country, easing thus all Jewish and American worries, pronto. Or, take a GOOD, SOLID clue geniuses about what the yanks, the Israelis, and the Brits did[25] to my Father when he tried to upgrade Greece's Nuclear power Infrastructure! And even before he tried! Do you seriously think that Mossad is kidding around? Or, hey! Persians! Why don't you just sit tightly without EVER again declaring or attempting stupidities against ANYBODY, because that's a sign of racial inferiority, like your 2,000-year-old mistake of trying against US? Please accept our sincerest apologies for any "historical inaccuracies" in that nice flick. The Art Director was on booze. Seriously now, BACK-OFF and HANDS-OFF, from my fellow & friendly jews. Now f*ck-off and DIE, you muslim sc*m, who even have the audacity to want nuclear weapons before you rudimentarily evolve intellectually first, after 2,000,000 years of human existence. Here's a hint for all Persians and other muslim guys: Evolving intellectually means NOT BOTHERING and LOVING EVERYBODY. So STAY, in that primitive den of conniving muslim wolves you call Iran, funny turban-wearing delinquents, and never mind funny ideas about wanting to exterminate anybody. You won't make it en-masse if you ever try again. Stoopid bozos, infecting everything with their stenchy and loony religion... As if we don't have enough trouble already with all the other religious nuts on this planet.
  5. The Turks. Traditional & diachronic destroyers, demolishers & assimilators of Civilizations, like their brothers in arms, the Germans, since the 11-th century & counting... So impressed with the Nazis they emigrated to Germany by the millions post war, trying to learn from their art of successful genocide assimilation and cultural appropriation - that's why the Germans are the only friends they have. Martin Luther quote: "The Turk is the rod of the wrath of the Lord our God. . . If the Turk's god, the devil, is not beaten first, there is reason to fear that the Turk will not be so easy to beat. . . Christian weapons and power must do it. . .". These guys' primary concern/dream always has been (and is) the conquering of other nations, the expansion of their territories and the assimilation of others' culture into a teratogenic mixture of Anatolian/muslim principalities - ruled by fat Paschas smoking narghile and screwing harems, claiming proud heritage(!) all the way to Göbekli Tepe and Ancient Greece. Don't have anything cultural to exhibit, except other people's cultural ruins on a land they acquired by force and assimilation and except a history full of conquering wars, war-strategies, fights, infiltration of foreign States and a semi-successful and paranoid Military War-Machine, which rules their government since the 20s. Have fought with just about every neighboring country in existence. A history full of wars, genocides and cultural assimilations, disguised as a proud, peaceful and high income economy. At least the Germans apologized for their Nazi atrocities. These guys refuse to apologize for all the genocides they committed and bravely and proudly distort history making it look like they were actually... the victims! With a gargantuan anti-Greek propaganda machine that starts at the most sensitive age at school, and when Greeks speak against them, they switch into victim mode. Some stuff they teach in their schools from memory for your unending edification: 1) They constantly undervalue the importance and efforts of the fighters of the Greek Independence War during 1821 and after, laying cause and fame essentially only on the Western powers, insisting that had it not been for their help, the Greeks would never have been able to make it to independence. In other words, they will gladly claim that Modern Greece is an artificial and fake construct by the Western Powers. 2) They don't accept that Modern Greeks are anywhere close to being descendants of the Ancient Greeks, and they will gladly stress out Falmerayer's theories of Modern Greeks being a weird mix of Arvanites, Albanians, Slavs, pseudo-Macedonians, and Turks, with not a shred of Ancient Greek blood in them. Otherwise, continuously involving themselves with extra-curricular and covert war activities in foreign Nations and infiltrating other muslim countries through their Secret Service MIT organization, from Libya to Syria and always getting away with it. Supporting & training ISIS and Hamas terrorists and aiding in the spreading of the muslim terrorist plague. A very convenient hidden Ace for Uncle Sam, who sees them as quick resolvers of troubling areas of interest (read - with Oil) doing Uncle Sam's dirty business in the East - hence "strategically important" to NATO and the Yanks, who care nothing about their more obscene practices - except only using them as proxies to finish their jobs there. Mercenary is a good job there and pays well. Record holders in Human Rights Violations, since at least the 1920's and proud of it: Gays, minorities, different ethnicities (kurds), different or sub-ethnic religions (giaour, alevis, sunnis), all trampled upon and either displaced or persecuted vigorously - except the Jews, cause they fear them, in a land of Medieval backwardness and barbaric practices, which now has started imprisoning political dissidents and suppressing free press as well. Continuously pestering the Greeks for additional territory - ever since the Greeks recovered theirs after the 1821 Independence Revolt, who don't have the power of their Military Machine and are therefore forced to spend yearly billions of €s for armaments and Military Ordnance from Uncle Sam and France to catch up with their evil intentions (and if). Continuously violating the Greek airspace since 1974 - and scaring the living daylights of the whatever island inhabitants, forcing dog-fights and plane chases all over the Aegean - which they now consider theirs and they won't stop until they get a good chunk of it for their own satisfaction. Unfortunately no politican in Greece has ever addressed their violations (no wonder, as they always have the green light by the Yanks and their faklano-gayish buddies, the Brprpr..rits) as they should be addressed: Next time they attempt one, shoot down all their planes and bomb their Asia Minor beaches - strategic outposts to Kingdom Come, until they learn to behave like a civilized Nation, not as an aggressive war-bully always looking for circumstantial grabs. If Israel was in the place of Greece, they wouldn't exist today to even think about violating Greek space. But alas, Greece is no Israel. I am continuously grateful to GOD, I was not born a Turk. Imagine the identity crisis a "historically informed" Turk would have after reading one's own country's history...
  6. Modern Greece. The country which hosts the largest population of frauds, fakes, cons, lazy-asses, cheap-talkers and moochers on the planet. The country where nobody cares about anything, except only about having a good time, a lazy life and lots of money. Nothing matters here. Science, art, history, mathematics, discipline, beauty and nobility, traits which The Ancient Greeks valued highly, have all been lost in a cyclone of fraud, cheating, unreasonable complication and traitors. A "developed country with a high-income economy"(!) mentions Wiki. High-income economy, my ass: Scientists, engineers and high quality artists are starving and are exiting the country at an alarming rate. A quick look at the Athens job-search ads, reveals the available jobs in modern Athens: Hair-salon experts, manicurists, leaflet distributors for pizza-parlors, bartenders, disk-jockeys, salesmen for cheap and potentially bankrupt businesses, singers, cheap advertisers, phone-salesmen, cleaning-ladies, dancing partners, and otherwise anything which will guarantee an income of at most 5-10 €/hour. Even construction workers make more than that. Newly married couples don't want to have kids, because they don't know how the kids will survive when they grow up. It's only natural: Greek Universities are in a state of complete disarray. Drug needles in the bathrooms, students who could care less about anything, deans who don't give a rat's ass about either Greece's schools or the students themselves and advisors who will gladly go to Sabbatical very quickly tired from dense and exhausting work. High-quality scientific research is valued at most 10 €/hour, preferably 0, take it or leave it. The only country in existence where in ALL public schools doctoral candidates are freely supported with hefty monthly stipends of 40 Euros and are rewarded with a degree that's worth at most as much as toilet paper from your local Supermarket. If you want to do some serious scientific research, give Greece a try. Preferably on the subject of proving you are not an elephant, which you'll need later to navigate its justice practices. Please don't complain if afterwards nobody takes your degree credentials as serious. If you can make a living with such rates, you are welcome to try to survive here. Lowest living standard in Europe, since at least 1981 and proud of it. The national sport here is to find a way to make money by conning someone. Anyone: Other people, organizations, the public, the government, anything or anyone, as long as there's money coming in. "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts", has been re-validated and confirmed 1010 times. Continuously and traditionally electing governments consisting of traitors and frauds who always take advantage of the people and squeeze all available money from the public. Only when modern Greeks are beaten brutlessly and ruthlessly with a stick they produce worthwhile work and they prosper: The only period when this country met financial and scientific prosperity, was during the 1967-1973 dictatorship, when my father was Secretary General of the Ministry of Education and Religion. And even after all his efforts to improve education, he was conspired against, had his Ph.D. stolen and sold, cheated out of, and ousted from Greece from traitorous elements who got jealous of his services and efforts. Check the link to see how deep treachery runs in here. U.S. President Lyndon Johnson: "Best goddamn government since the time of Pericles...". In my father's own words, when I was 17 in 1981: "Pack your bags and LEAVE. This country has been taken by the Devil". Back in the 90's America looked like a paradise compared to the fraud here, which reigns continuously and relentlessly. We are worse than the Jews: The Jews have a global help community pool, always available to help each-other, financially, politically and emotionally, including support even for criminals, rogues or other disagreeables, which extends from Jerusalem all the way to Chicago. Greeks actually delight in berating, down-playing and destroying any Greek who makes it. Most intelligent Greeks leave early in their lives and settle in foreign countries to avoid the immense con that is called "modern Greece". A place where doing business can turn you insane or paranoid from the the bureaucracy involved, and the only place in the world where you need to have at least 1,000 lawyers per city to make legal amends in most bureaucratic cases you decide to get involved in, because either nobody will pick up your case for anything less than €40k or many of them are already corrupt and paid by the other party to bribe the judges of the Supreme Court. For single inheritance cases, you'd be lucky if a random external factor doesn't sue you for everything you've got coming. For sibling cases, you'd be lucky if the inheritors don't kill themselves during or after all the court appeals. The country where the only good thing is having money and spending it on vacations. Otherwise, a huge mass of illiterate, dirty and loud gypsy-like soccer fans, gay wannabe crooners, musicians and actors, whose only concern is the next Eurovision song contest, Top Model contest, next major league soccer match or any acting career. Most are highly religious, too! Complete degeneration, fraud and laziness cloaked in the domain of the absurd, the conniving, the obfuscated, the get-rich-quick scheme, the miserable, the abominable and the disgusting, cloaked again to give the impression of nobility and wisdom! The Kingdom of contradiction and madness, presented as a "high income" and "modern" democracy. With a public sector which traditionally sucks in unbounded resources, with many lazy-ass unproductive employees who follow relaxed schedules of doing nothing (highest bills of electricity and tele-communications in Europe). The "cradle" of Western Civilization? The descendants of The Ancient Greeks? Ahaha! What a joke. Descendants of The Ancients with an abominable medieval Christian(!) religion, where 60% of the names given to offspring are... Jewish?! With an assorted array of priests, deacons, episkopes and Christian saints, who traditionally pester the populace's monetary resources, via fraud, cons and stupefying and irrational beliefs. With a 'traditional' cuisine which is carbon copy of Turkish cuisine and with 'traditional' music, where good contemporary classical Greek music and composers after the 19th century have been suppressed/ignored and 'tradition' for the mass is now coincident with oriental-style lamentations, Turkish harem amanedes and cheap mass production laika and skyladika junk music. If the Ancients knew of these newer 'traditions', they'd immediately denounce us as potential descendants. Now that I think about it, it almost becomes an honor to have a Jewish name in this corrupt country. The only country which eats its own children, for its own satisfaction and edification and punishes progress in any field by Greeks. Where mediocracy rules over meritocracy and excellence is ridiculed and shunned, since 1974. A haven for all kinds of rogues: Anarchists, Anarcho-communists, neo/revolutionary-μ/λeninist-communists, pseudo-libertarians, leftist-socialists and all kinds of political loser weirdos. Safe haven for all sorts of criminals who are usually given very light sentences and are released from jail under very gentle (read: useless) provisional justice laws. I.e., the very definition of ideal banana-republic since 1974 and counting. Greece should be kicked-out of the European Union and NATO. They have been consistently incompetent, and should be left to deal with the Turks, who will gladly assimilate them without remorse. Has probably the largest percentage of ugly, nauseating and evil women than any country in existence. International women are angels compared to the women who await you, your check-book and something else, here. It's probably better to become a f@gg*t, than fall into the hands of some of the women here. If I knew of the anomalies I would encounter being born here, I'd have chosen to be born in Uganda.
  7. The Jews! It's always them when something goes wrong. A fire, it's a Jew behind it. A murder, a Jew. A tornado, it's the Jews. Communism? The Jews are responsible because Marks was Jewish. Anti-communism? Again the Jews. The bad economy in Germany pre-WWII? The Jews' fault. The good economy of most prospering first world countries? The Jews. The collapse of Greece through fascist-traitor Ioannides in 1973 and 50 years of traitor politicians afterward? Moshe Dayan, the Mossad, the Jews and the Zionist Freemasons who had nothing to do with 50 subsequent years of economical domination and subjugation of our country to pithy-rich international economic financiers with beer-bellies the size of my smelly arse. Freemasons behind most goverments? Surely NOT the Jews. Genious Mathematicians and Programmers who always recognize good quality math? The Jews. The Ghost of Godot in the garbage can slowly rising? It's a Jewish conspiracy to usurp power in the government through secret agent garbage collectors. Disease? The Jews. Plagues from God? The Jews. The seven thousand plagues of the Pharaoh? Isaac the Jew. Matzoh soup using blood from Christian children? The Jews. The next president of the United States? NOT and NEVER the Jews. Jehova's Witnesses? Let's all worship the disgusting and abominable monstrosity that's the god of the Jews, some. Hollywood? The Jews. The Media? The Jews. Successful mass imigration of Muslims everywhere on Earth by yesterday? The Jews. Pedophilia, pornography, lasciviousness, drugs, f@gg*t n*ggers, disgusting and insulting editorials, and downgrading defamation of worthy presidential candidates? It's David Duke's fault who's a freaking neo-nazi anti-semite. Traitor Greek politicians? Greeks of Romaniote descent or Zionist Freemasons who never consult the CIA or the Mossad before doing any business anywhere. Holocaust Deniers? NOT the Jews. Holocaust announcers with trumpets and timpani every f*cking second of your already miserable bitch of a life? The Jews. Most award-winning movies in Hollywood? Steven Spielberg. Most Nobel Prize Awards as a percentage of world's ethnicities? The Jews. Highest IQ people in the world according to ethnicity? The Jews. Impending continuous and lasting World Peace through a new, fresh and honest-to-goodness-because-jesus-didn't-do-good-enough Moschiah? The Jews. Continuous and long-lasting World Peace with[23] (or without) efforts and international negotiations WITHOUT a Messiah? The Jews. The origin of all 3 Abrahamic Religions? Which have been mentally adulterating people's minds with useful memes that have been causing relentless persecutions, tribal wars and displacements courtesy of your always very friendly Islamist and Christian neighbors for at least for 2,050 years and counting? The Jews. Weird and sceUwy wabbit religiously brainwashed nUtsos who campaign AGAINST the establishment and FOR the dismantling of their own country(!)? Ultra-Orthodox Jews. Most powerful lobby and senators financially and influencing the US government? NOT and NEVER the Jews, of course. It's the Jews, even when it's NOT the Jews, i.e., when their own kind denounces them as not wanting to have anything to do with them (Bobby Fischer, Brother Nathaniel). That's right. The entire world has been going insane for AEONS and keeps blaming them for EVERYTHING bad or good that's been happening. Well, no wonder! 6,000 years as harbingers and angels of scourges of unadulterated nonsensical philosophy, stupid theories, general b*llshit and loony tradition [11], [12], fraudulent and b*llshit science, after worshipping an insane freak demiurge Cannanite desert or volcano "god", yhwh, (and after 2,000 years of b@nging their heads by/and abstractly m@st*rb%ting against a Great Wailing Wall - by making abstract periodic horse mounting moves - for summoning the Wisdom of אין סוף - who's INFINITE and non-existent[10]), who by their OWN ADMISSION has been warning them for 6,000 years non-stop that if they don't change their stupid traditional ways and practices (i.e., their money-making scheming privileges as covert bankers, politicians, financiers, loan-sharks and money-lending practitioners ("professions" they claim they had no choice BUT to practice, because no other occupation was allowed for them in exile) and political influencers in every country he scooted them off of Israel since Jesus ever step foot on this planet), he'll keep bringing his Wrath against them until they do. And then these 2,000-year traditional t@rd-brains decide to denounce Jesus as a fictional, heretic(!) lunatic(!), who by now, probably boils in a large cauldron of sh*t soup because of his blasphemy(!) after humbly admitting that he MIGHT be the Son of The Most High (who the bird-brains were confusing against their own freak tribal god, yhwh). It was all an Evul conspiracy by Greeks who were "pretending" to be Jews, you see[20]. That's for Jesus Christ! The man who told everybody to love EVERYBODY like yourself! Here's a rare-once in 2,000,000-years dude who has a half-decent plan to fix this miserable sh*t hole that's been involved in aggressive take-over tribal god wars for 2,000,000 years and who gives'em a FREE recipe ride that might fix EVERYTHING when judiciously applied on some serious leaders-thinkers-philosophers, INCLUDING THEIR survival problems - by warning EVERYBODY by example (he was after all a Jew) and these guys 2,000 years after the fact STILL consider him a heretic anti-semite in the most lenient case, a crazy non-jew or a f*cking intruding alien in the worst case. I mean, if this isn't practically synonymous to keep shooting yourself on the foot for 2,000 years repeatedly with a bazooka, I don't know what is! WhUzz UP, Genius Logical Meta-physicians of all Abrahamic Religions? Have you figured out who's the TRUE antisemite here yet, or are you still crash-coursing the Torah trying to find out yhwh's "Logic" after he brought about these other loony genocidal maniacs that almost exterminated all of you? Not so fast diligent graduates! Take it easy, with those University-level Judaic Studies, will ya? Why not allow a couple more thousand years of graduate University studies in Judaism that end up with a Ph. D.s in Judaic Law interpretation & Studies before you figure it out? That the only one TRULY responsible for your persecutions and misery IS YHWH if he's indeed THE God of this Universe and didn't lift even a foot pinky to stop 2,000 years worth of misery, antisemitism, and violent displacement and persecution? And hence, as the only TRUE GOD, he ALLOWED all this misery to take place? Do you even realize that NOTHING and NOBODY MOVES even an Ängstrom worth of length without the true God's actual will and power? Oh, Vey! If you by any chance need more help to reach a more common sense and/or a more reasonable conclusion about "yhwh" after this simpleton metaphysical argument, please email me! Maybe I can help with those major theosophical thinking proccesses... [Sigh... These guys' collective philosophical IQ must have been going from below 0 to 60mph for EONS, until this nasty trickster genocidal monster maniac dr. "What the flying f8ck" Mengelor showed up and started experimenting to find out what was wrong with them. Well, they do indeed have a problem: They mistook Papadopoulos' move to decline air support to American Warplanes during the Yom Kippur War as general "anti-semitism". Coupled with a 2,000-year-old grudge from the time of Antiochus the Epiphanes and since then we've had all sorts of problems and we were conveniently sussed as a non-nuclear power forever. I am tempted to think that this doctor was probably right about them. There IS something wrong with them, but not genetically, rather encephalically: They are STUPID en masse if they appreciated what it took to try to constrain their enemies during the II WW by using this fat chicken-coward[23] destroyer of Countries and Civilizations to stop my Father from helping build cement nuclear reactors and nukes for Greece and to upgrade our Energy infrastructures and defend ourselves from those other nazi Jew-bitches, the tUrks, who after Kissinger's green light in combo with the traitor Ioannides' joo-worthy stupidity decided half of Cyprus was theirs and they freely invaded dividing the island in half[25]. Now, they'll have to contend with a NEW angry dr. with a fascist mother and a fascist-racist stepmother, who does indeed agree that they are somewhat slow in terms of raw brain-processing power and is finishing his Ph.D. in custom orthodontics. So, good luck with THAT dear friends in philosophical arms, Jews!] Please help these slowish guys a bit here economically, friends, and reserve your next vacation to Jerusalem NOW. SEE YA LATERs friendly & supporting mother-f*@%kers in the Cuckoo's nest's hunting den.
  8. the Vrits, ^^^err, I mean Brits. Ye ole friendly wino b.b..blokes. How many eons will have to pass to return the Marbles, geniuses? Like maybe after Armaggedon? Thanks, but no THANKS. I completely sympathize with your reasons for not doing so yesterday. Because you consider yourself as the ONLY worthy descendants of the Ancients and dream of the ghostbusters of the dead from all your wars in the past sublime glory of the BriTick empire? I mean Alexander did all that and your secret hope is to dabble on it someday, no? Or is it that the museum is a considerable worthy cause with tickets and stuff, trips to disgusting cities full of Mohamedan cockroach carcasses, who will segment, partition your country after they will f8ck you up the butt? Maybe because you are the saviors of the Greeks during WWII? By bombing Pireus ala duo with the Nazis and turning it into ashes a SECOND time after the Nazis? My FATHER was living in that neighboring area and was only 15, you skittish sot PRICKS. And you WELL knew WHO He was and how IMPORTANT he was for the development of nukes for Greece's defense against the phasistoeides who'd come later because you've graduated with A+ from your theosoφι and thelema freemason classes before the other morons above did? Well, you fucked up buddy! Your queen is located in Switzerland and all your genes are now suitable for experimentation like in the Holocaust. Very tricky math wizards those BrIts. They attacked Pireus when my father was ONLY 15 at his most vulnerable age, to block him even earlier than the age when he'd be able to compete full-force and full-powered. And then, when you saw that he survived and managed to ascend to a moderately powerful position, your and your "allies" attacked him from within the government, aye? By infecting his offspring in combo with your other traditional mason f@ggy genius friends, the IamEri[k(L)äne]-s? You little, nasty, and betrayingly conniving, m@ther-f*ckers...! We have a word for such psychish types: jUdAs, yehUdAs, yahoo-DEEmm-i, or wtfe like your muslim brothers in arms, who have already flooded your areas with muhammedan cockroaches, the size of my b*tthole, pretending they are muslim immigrants in need of safe and "gentle" employment. Good job, you wino-blokers. Not only wino but disgusting and stinky, not only in genes but also in faggoty appearance AND garbage collection, and the dude above tells me to uproot the whole tree of your genetic origins because you are genetically decrepit if you need all those tons of alcohol to quench your thirst for grand fascist power, so get ready sweeties, because I suspect that somebody will be looking for you very soon. What in the name of GOD are you still thinking besides returning the Marbles? Do you think those Marbles will protect you from what's coming? i.e. the zillions of Muhamedan roaches which will be only slightly different from the Pharaoh's locust plague? YooHoo! The Marbles are IMMUNE to contaminating large roaches, so there's gonna be plenty of time for us to service the collection of what belongs to us because WE are the nominal descendants of the Ancient GREEKS, however incompetent or betraying to our own kind. You don't NEED a marble rock to do efficient dark magic on someone. You need to be just below 1/4 normal intelligence and possess a usable personal belonging for the magic to be effective, like a handkerchief or butt-plug. Do you know where these buddies of your queen hide at night and when they are not caught on time? I'll let you digest this a bit and I'll be back to fill the space between your cranium and *sshole with some interesting telekinetic toys. FUCK OFF and HARD, blokees. And see you in China. I hear they've war bunkers for safety there. Asta la Vista f*ggotschaeideis, as well along with your "Axis" spiritual theosophy buddies, the typoi above.
  9. the Russians! Always eons behind in technology and science. Rattlesnake cars, cheap-quality camera/optics mimicry, foreign computers, junk military technology - I wonder how they've managed to not blow themselves up using their nuclear weapons - if it weren't for the Rosenberg couple giving them detailed plans, they wouldn't have had nuclear weapons even in their wildest dreams. If those other geniuses - the Americans, ever found out all the details about their incompetence, they would probably have already walked all over them by now. But they are probably afraid of their en-masse stupidity, and it is well known that collective stupidity can break all logical doubts and barriers. Spy technology ala Clouseau - and only within totalitarian brotherly regimes and in the surveillance of plain citizens, where they excelled before the fall of the curtain. Dozens of movies - ala James Bond-style, make fun of their strategic abilities and spy competence. They almost achieved something worthwhile in space technology with some of their earlier space programs and probes, but even there, they ducked immediately after the American moon landing and did not deal with space exploration ever again (...wonder why?!). With a hot potato economy that's always below average, begging for more rubbles so they can have an always healthy supply for their country's elite, which still rides on the people's backs, like a giant and persistent bloodsucking tick. Relatively good in general in theory and mathematics, but on practice and programming applications, doofuses with Ph. D.s from Moskow Uni. Imagine all the fun, if you had to learn programming on a Russian computer with a Russian keyboard and Russian fonts using any programming language. Completely irresponsible and generally disrespectful politically, since 1992 when the iron curtain fell (and before because of communism) and after this economic smartie Gorbatchev sold his country to the West for magic beans and put up half a dozen of their arsenal's nuclear war-heads for auction in the Black Market, to recover from a total economic fault and collapse. Betrayed most of the countries they politically influenced, pre-1992 (see Armenians, East Germans, Ukrainians[17]), and as soon as they realized after the fall of the Eastern bloc that economic domination by the West was inevitable, they played the crazy-duck game and stopped financing them[16]. Only in chess, they were good, and then, Fischer blew them to smithereens and humiliated 100 years' worth of chess-championship Russian pride in 72 and IBM crushed Kasparov in 97, giving them a second solid clue to not mess with the Ameriκ(λ)ans. Otherwise pretty good on average as drunkards and winos who need a couple of bottles of vodka to get through a regular working shift, and when they get drunk, they sleep whenever they get a chance. In resistance to alcohol, they are champions and have broken the Guinness World Record multiple times. An excellent but shocking result of the timeless uselessness caused by the misapplied commune brainwashing from daddy Marks' idiotic theories. It lasted for decades, even after they ousted communism. The real tragedy is that there are modern Greeks who hope that these losers will one day help them, financially or otherwise, to deal with the tÖrks, just because they are Orthodox Christians. They could not help themselves. How will they help us[18]? When the Turks shot down one of their fighter jets that violated Turkish airspace, they ducked and went to silent mode to not damage their relations with NATO. Please don't bother these lovely winos anymore with extravagant requests for high-quality science and technology. They still have more Guinness World Records to break - like that it took them 100 years to figure out that communism is inapplicable and self-damaging nonsense, and they are busy as ever as we speak!
  10. the Al-ban(an)ia-ns. The second candidate of a country with the most worthless descendants of an ancient people (and if), after Iran. Like with Modern Greece, they prosper only under the auspices of a Herculean wooden bat, otherwise, they will gladly con you or if you don't like it they will murder you for no reason. A country that hosts the largest percentage of atypical psychopaths, murderers, rapists, and violent for-no-reason ones. They were kept quiet under Stalinist Enver Hoxha for 44 years, but after the fall of the wall, they exited their country en-masse to make it elsewhere. After 1992, this x-Prime Minister of Greece opened the borders and welcomed hordes of them, to support Greece's collapsing economy which needed cheap laborers, construction workers, and mafia targetting professionals to execute assassination contracts that nobody else would dare implement. Hundreds of murder cases, sometimes for totally trivial reasons - like for stealing mobiles or your pocket-change money, rapes, general malignancy, beatings, and con jobs here since 1992 and counting. Best known Nazi collaborators in WWII history and still in love with and admiration of the fascistic powerful. With a banana economy always on the lookout for more and more efficient con jobs as hitmen and crime organizers. The best example of immoral brutes who care nothing about anything, except money and big positions in their government. Great as war mercenaries and slaughterers. During the War of Greek Independence, they sided with the tÖrcs and produced tÖrco-albanian offspring who were famous as strategic/commanding pashas that murdered thousands of Greeks during the war. They still claim that they were the ones who liberated Greece because some Greek revolutionaries were of Arvanite descent. Suppressing Greek minorities in Albania since 1821 and proud of it. Claiming proud heritage all the way to Ancient Illyrians and with a still not completely identified language branch which they claim was the precursor of Ancient Greek through contorted etymological tricks. Best nonsense linguists on the planet: Everything comes from Albanian, even Ancient Greek words. Lovers of unneeded violence and contract assassins galore. Silent and efficient thieves with a fascist underlying mentality, which they implement as soon as they get a chance. The Greek jails are full of them. The most UNgrateful traitors who came here made a quick buck as construction workers and mafia criminals and when they were done returned to Albania and sided with the Turks. Best buddies of the latter after the Germans. With a more than perfect Tabula Rasa record in high-quality Science, Arts, Engineering, and Sports, for at least 100 years and counting. Rude, insulting, and threatening violence every chance they get, they've excelled here only as construction workers, thieves, housekeepers, cleaning ladies, and mafia hitmen. Hundreds of cases of break-ins and rapes and when identified, always retreating back to Albania to hide from the Greek Police. Suppressing the Greek minority in Albania continuously since 1940, they now claim that North Epirus is theirs and needs to be liberated. Lawlessness, pyramid schemes, and a perpetually collapsing Economy forces them every now and then to leave and settle elsewhere to make it. With only kindergarten-like schools, non-existent Universities, and non-existent libraries for all to study. I.e., the perfect banana republic in the Balkans and going strong, even after the fall of communism which kept them on a tight leash. Thank God there was an infusion of these idiots in "North Macedonia" where they are now busy controlling about 30% of its parliament and are trying to disprove that the "Macedonians" are the descendants of Alexander the Great, claiming he was... Illyrian! Possibly the best example of people evolving backward into their more brutish nature after an extended atheist regime. Even the Russians re-embraced Orthodox Christianity after communism fell. The al(lah)ban(an)ia-ns still refuse ANY religious affiliation, except iconic Islam, cause they want nothing to do with kindness or friendly love for your neighbor. It's not in their nature, so it sort of figures. Please reserve your travel tickets to Albania today, and go visit there in support of their beautiful country and economy. Discretion and silent efficiency are guaranteed! Make sure your financials and will and testaments are in order before you visit...
  11. And the Darwin Award goes to.... :The Americ(λ)ans! Well, what can I say, other than, THE undisputed colossal geniuses after the Jews themselves. 300 years of tradition in Engineering, Philosophy, Freemasonry, Science, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and wetfe, and the gigantically colossal broomstick with a head for penus, tells the World, "we are going to go to the Moon!". I mean, they are STILL wondering why this dudester was assassinated. Well, either they still don't know or they've been hiding the real reason, which they happen to know VERY WELL. Here: I'll spell it out for the whole world to read it, so your future visitors with boats, ships, airplanes, trains, and automobile Mothers can know what to expect when they reach Washington DC: The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was THE MOON you flying boneheads of long d*ick mothers. Jesus Christ on a jumping marshmallow stick. When did you figure it out, boneheads? After the first mission or on the 17-th? Maybe on the 18-th, which is a fictional movie? Well, you've got the thingy shape wrong. It wasn't little horse-shoe crabs hiding in craters you morons. It was a DISEASE and the Moon was specially designed to contain it. It's called MRSA and the only reason it was constrained there was to keep the PLANET SAFE, you colossal idiots of 2,400,000 years of human history. Didn't you go to kindergarten Freemason school, since 1770? This stupid disease DOESN'T DIE. EVER. It is constrained on the Moon because the hard UV there delimits its multiplication into oodles of disgusting golden-looking eggs, which takes the god of the Jews to stop it because HE put it there and he isn't willing to do it, because he BAILED out after he created the "garden of Eden" and he told you: "DON'T TOUCH the @%*7ing tree". Haven't you figured out yet, in your 400 years of existence that this guy is a nasty psychopathic moron who likes to play stupid tricks all the time? That was his hidden Ace, and you took the bait. And not only you took this moron's bait, but you also infected me with a combo of Moon dust AND MRSA at a difficult to reach place, at the command of Kissinger and Nixon, to get to my Father, who warned you in advance through appropriate Freemason channels, DON'T F@CKING GO THERE! Now you'll have to ET phone home by s8ck(l)ing mUch obliged circumcized joo-d(e====8)ck-Ah! (yet again) to call pordo/scato-yhwh back to fix the damage, who's already bailed after farting a grand turd in your direction and is laughing his arse off at your stupidity, from Joo heaven, with Staph Aureus having already reached about 1/3 if not more of the entire population. Oh, and don't forget to add to your list of requests this other nasty COVID19 which is now competing for grabs with MRSA. So, like with your dog-bitches the Jews, below, GOOD LUCK and see ya LATER allagator! Jesus, your entire North part of the continent can now safely apply for honorary Mensa membership with all the privileges included. And then 80% of your population still wonders why JFK was assassinated and his family suffered a curse, etc. Wanna know why Challenger was tossed into the depths of the ocean and Chernobyl radiated half o Europe? Read this, m@ther-fsking pieces of traitorous sh*t. Now, BACK TO WORK, you lazy-asses, until you figure out how to contain: 1) MRSA, 2) COVID19, 3) this NOT very pleased dude with his father's betrayal by Ioannides, Nixon, and Kissinger, [23], [25], and 4) the escaped dr. you were looking for before 1979, whom my father helped you to contain, even though you betrayed him in 1973. The doc told me to tell you: "Asta LaVista, f@ggets" from Seychelles. And I even love fags, myself. God, please God, give me the keys to the Abyss, so I can throw the entire Planet in there, and let's go play some blitz or something on Proxima. Please FATHER, lord God of Everything and f*cker of the yhwh Babble stoopor moron.


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  2. After looking a bit closer (Google images search hiding under the same Facebook name), a document is revealed, hiding under the same facebook domain name containing what looks like my father's name and signature(!)
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  4. Code hidden in at least their blog's 7hgiMpAeRsU.html auxiliary file: {11 εγγεγραμμένοι,... class="ytp-sb-unsubscribe" title="Εγγράφηκε ως Yiannis Galidakis"}, etc.
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  6. My name is pretty trickily hidden in the Html COMMENT section, and only in the page's cached version. This guy probably saw this page and the other idiots who've performed similar Html trixies ([24.]/[8.]/[37.]/[38.]) and DELETED it from their page, before I found out. Too bad search.yahoo.com had a cached copy of it that contains: {saved from url=(0121)https://cc.bingj.com/cache.aspx?q=galidakis&d=4884443182932460&mkt=en-US&setlang=en-US&w=AvpY6WxAvHmtMEyguyqmPn_8Hf4Bd6yi}. Talk about a really nasty and conniving little "up-y*urs" from afar, charlatan-psycho "M.D.".
    What's UP, Doc. Charlatan?!
    "wuzzUP, Wụnder-cock, Doc.?"
    Original Image Source dailymotion.com.
    (With my sincerest apologies to Mr. Vanderlkolk for making a bit of fun with his name - whom I respect very much for his expertise in Optics and Laser tech. And whose page has suspiciously and mysteriously DISAPPEARED from all searches on my or his last name)
  7. In their X5WHxluvl4Q.html support file: {Εγγραφή class="ytp-sb-unsubscribe" title="Εγγράφηκε ως Yiannis Galidakis"}.
  8. YooHoo, sweeties! Catch me if you can, you retarded MORONS. And when you do, I'll f*ck-up your brain so badly, you won't even REMEMBER you used a computer, after you are released from the asylum for the Criminaly Insane and Dangerously Violent. Pray to your god-sky daddy or wetfe is available that you are lucky to miss any spurious encounters. YooHoo! Micro&soft F@ggies! I am still here, you b*stard genetic rejects of 2,000,000 years of human evolution. Asta LaVista, baybee and see ya laters in your closest computer desk.
  9. In their main.html file: {url=(0121)https://cc.bingj.com/cache.aspx?q=galidakis&d=4919021960896448&mkt=en-US&setlang=en-US&w=blXefQXOq7C86f6fpKhc9CAuoAHgZmRK}. WuzzUP, Doc. Vanderkolk? That's not a "Sandy", Doc., that's a SandER Vanderkolk, bro! What's UP, man Doc.?
  10. GOOD JOB, you diabolic geniuses, you! That's EXACTLY how you summon a pretty female (or male[(summoning)]) companion! By yEr-King off abstractly at a non-existent entity and praying to "God" simultaneously. You get a Ph.D.M. en-country-masse in Philosophy, special subject: M@ssTURBO-motion, courtesy of your prophet Onan! These guys have a memory tradition of one of their major prophets being KILLED by yhwh (if you can believe THAT, but that's another question), and 8,000+ years after the fact, they keep mentally yerking-off against a...Wall, for their god's אין סוף! What can I say to that? How about trying some courtship and actual SEX, sometimes, for a change, jews? More socially oriented, and you make more friends! WITHOUT money! Preferably before your "yhwh" takes a peek and decides to strike you all with more spiritual blindeness for more eons to come? Here's a clue Olympic sporters: yhwh didn't like onanism. Much less spiritual onanism - against Ein Sof no less, which according to your very own Zohar tradition is one form of Ayin? "Yesh", guys, "Yesh"! Take a subtle hint from good ole Greeks, who've been champs of the sport since 2,000 years ago, and who have the famous saying "too much yerking-off and you'll go blind!" [Sigh... Talk about people who still don't get the meaning behind their own tradition and why it's required circumcision. Diogenes would probably have a heart attack from uncontrollable laughter in Sheol if he ever saw how Dali interprets the corresponding mental sportmanship.]
  11. Jewish mom:" Please, doc. Rabbi Blumenthal, gently s*ck(l)e on my newborn's circumcised - before birth, little dingy, by NOT using your full-of-bacteria false teeth, so there's no "sin" in its blood be spilled by accident"! Holy Cow! That's at least an A++ for correct parental disease prevention, by a "certified" medical Priest...
  12. If this diabolic, obsessed with cleanliness doc. mengelor sees this video from Hell, he will start considering finding ways to cheat even the Devil himself and escape. AND reincarnate to open a Jewish Kindergarten in the middle of the New York City Jewish ghetto in 2024, for teaching pre-adolescents how to become efficient m@sturb*tors, by age 3, using surgical pliers and scissors to examine what's wrong with their brains. I am almost a sympathizer in his recognizing their stupidity. If the Muslims see this video, you can safely expect a soon to happen reincarnation of Muhammad. See Ya LAter'z, yahweyh-Star-child-Loonies!
  13. THIS ONE (click link at your own peril)! THAT's the one! I mean, if that ISN'T the REAL face of Jesus, then I am not the Antichrist incarnate. YooHoo! Wuzzz UP, Michael Sullo-Pseudo Doc.? Have you gotten good extra cash yet for it or not? If you need help please email me for instructions how to use! Minor assembly required! That's NOT Jesus, Doc. That's Satan incarnate, if you know what I mean. And what I mean is exactly 2 Corinthians 11:14. Did you do his portrait? You've got it perfectly right! Now try this, you retarded satanic wannabe pseudo-artist! Good thing nobody's figured out yet that you are blaspheming against the Holy Spirit. Good luck with THAT, sport! [Sigh... What a f*cking moron! He could have made billions by selling this to these other idiots at [22.], instead he posts this piece of trash on paintingvalley.com. Go figure...]
  14. This dude, who unashamedly steals my original idea of combining the Shroud of Turin - which has been proven to be FAKE by Carbon 14 dating, with a very old Orthodox Icon from Mt. Sinai and I bet you 10:1, later he will be claiming rights to immunity from stupidity from the actual Jesus because he used an Orthodox Icon. Well, it's too bad that Orthodox Icons cannot be copyright-protected, but they can turn around and against you, if you use 'em in vain or for nefarious purposes. Wanna know the fun part? He stole the idea, before I finished the collage by adding the ganjika leaf. WuzzUP Orthodox-Icon Expert, Doc.? Here, have a good-intentioned clue for your unending toking edification. See ya Later, ψευδο-Αρτιστ Rasta Jesus-mAn! Happy tripping in-to Jamaica!
  15. Any closer than the diabolical nonsense of those other typical loons in John 8:44, John 6:70, Rev. 2:9, Rev. 3:9, etc.
  16. Wuzz UP, Rushkies!? Why did momma Russia stop funding the Greek communist party in around 1990 or thereabouts? Our Parliament Communist members have families to feed, you know... We still need your rubbles over here!
  17. And still chicken-sh@t cowards, who now have started a Ukraine invasion under the pretense that the Ukraine government comprises of φιλο-nazi drug war-lords. I wonder what our honorable and very dear Ambassador to the US, Mr. Pyatt thinks about the whole thing. Only after destroying Ukraine's economy completely with political alchemy and only after establishing secret CIA bioweapon labs there. And only after he bailed out quickly in 2016 to save face by being assigned Ambassador to the US, here, of all places! What's UP, Mr. Ambassador-to-20-different -places-all-over-the-world, doc.? Are you trying to break the World Peace Record ala Kissinger style hard enough, or do you need more help with political infiltration and covert gov. intelligence methods? Good place to hide here, no? In the land of fraud and lying political cons and businesses? Btw, what exactly was your business in Ukraine, pre-current ambassadorial shift? Not the coordination of several CIA bioweapon secret labs in Ukraine, eh? Of course not. The opposite is just unthinkable conspiratorial woo-woo. Best of luck, dealing with the angry invading Ruskies, now, yankies! [Sigh... Can you spot a professional political Kiss-Houdin-inger con-job when you see one? No wonder he's got all sorts of awards from the American government. And every time he gets a new medallion for political bravery, he ghosts out to a different country as a new envoy. He's already gone from here as we speak. The Americans must be holding their bellies from all the laughs, with prime ministers all over the world accepting this dude's envoy assignments.]
  18. Believe it or not, they did unwittingly help us somewhat by convincing the Turks to buy the atrocious S-400 defense system, AND they made a nifty buck from the sales. The Turks are still scratching their heads trying to figure out why the Yanks did not support this buying choice (as the latter more eloquently put it: "(they are) 'incompatible' with NATO's defense systems..."). The obvious escapes them. I guess the Americans are not too keen on exposing them as the military geniuses that they are, who can't tell junk from actual useful military ordnance. So now they are making subtle fun of them by asking them to "send them to help Ukraine's defense to prove you or on our side...". Give them mentally slowish dudes a hand here, guys: Why don't you tell 'em directly that they've wasted 3 billion Liras on junk equipment and technology, with a 49% probability of all sorts of unpredictable failure modes - from electronics to radar ranging. Come on, be kind. They are your strategic NATO allies and friends, after all. Oh, and please don't forget to restart negotiations for those nifty F-35s, too! Haven't they already paid a hefty part? Why are they drama-queen whining about having been scammed by Uncle Sam? [God, how I'd love to see them try to operate the S-400 (or the F-35) in an actual emergency! They will probably be 100% accurate at inflicting serious damage to their military machine. And then they will probably start shooting at the Sun to cool down their nerves...]
  19. Regretting
    "Close, but not close enough[15]. So no cigar...".
    Original Image Source: pinterest.
  20. Oh, how I wish to God this was true, if only as tangible proof that when you screw around with the Ancient Greeks and their correct Philosophy, that's what you get in return for your nonsense: A bright and new warning beacon courtesy of your friendly, soon to be moribund Ancient Greeks, after seeing their demise coming! That is, try to pull a fast one with some new jewish death-cult nonsense and you've got a global and international conspiracy that will cause you 2,020 years worth of troubles - wars, crucades, anti-semitism and racism and a meme that's spread now all the way to the Moon. So, don't blame me, blame your very own Saul of Tarsus!
  21. Except where it didn't fail but rather crashed the economy badly because Capitalism and Marxist Political Theory are naturally incompatible. This ingenious neo-liberal, crypto-commie - with a looong tradition in Greek Communism[138], [139], who identified as an "erratic Marxist"(!) and specialized in nonsense Marxist Economics - combined with, (ahem...) Game Theory(!) no less, managed to cost Greece financial damage that's estimated at around 200 billion Euros, if not more, when he tried to meddle with the economic dragons in Brussels as... Finance "Minister" of a communist Greek government. Wuzz UP, pseudo-commie let's-all-bailout-from-our-obligations-by-using-nonsense-Marxist-Economics, doc.? Waz Up, perfesser of successful & endless Economics negotiations, Mr. Yia(n)nis Baru(f)fa-kiss? Have you found a country where your Theories are applicable yet, or are we to wait for more to come after your own commie supervisor prime minister kicked your 8ss to the Moon for failing to deliver the goods? And what's up with the name-spelling change of your originally Jewish name - with ONE "n"? The Greek for Yochanan is Ioannis or the diminutive Yiannis. Are you trying to point out a big-deal exception to your origins maybe? Or are you perhaps ashamed of your given name, as it is correctly transliterated from its Jewish original because you are an atheist Marxist? Or, maybe you'd like to stick to the original Jewish spelling? [Sigh... Talk about THE definitive sign of pseudo-cultural ψευδο-intellActuals who pay no respect to their own language and arbitrarily decide to exceptionally massacre orthography in the name of "correct aesthetics" or "simplicity". Can you say: "I hate my own culture" when you see one? Otherwise, this guy is STILL a professor of Economics in a school here in Athens, and has a resume where he proudly proclaims that he was given a "recommendation letter" by another unquestionable genius in Economics, which cost Greece some other serious side-political damage with his erroneous handling of Greek Foreign Policy and latent anti-semitism]. Check out his new party's original and no-nonsense name: "Front of European Realistic Disobedience"[sic.] (?!?)... BEST of LUCK with your new party in the (always) NEXT elections, Genius Marxist Economist man!
  22. Talk about some really nasty and evil amateur "mathematician" who must have a LooOOng grudge against me! Like maybe, since 2006? YooHoo! Where were you all these 7 years you've been on math.SE sport? You were just waiting for the right moment, to comment on my sexual prefs, eh? Talk about a really tricky "anonymous" f*ckhead with a d*ck instead of a brain. Here's an interesting coincidence: |"I Shayn McCallum Shawn Ruttledge Theodore Mavroidis xenos aisha"|=4894. You've been BUSTED idiotic-ηλίθιε pordoeides, Greek-hater and Greek traitor galore, |"Ke Shawn Ruttledge Ted Mavroidis"|=2447=4894/2. I mean, what are the chances bWoy?! Please add another official accreditation to this moron's resume, besides the already existing 300 knowledgeable areas, like the Stock Market, History and Optical Engineering. He is now also an expert on "infinitesimals". (Πούσε ρε ΠΑΛΙΟΜΟΥΝΑΡΑ, κρυπτο-φασιστοειδή, κρυφο-μαυροειδή?!) Please send this guy to my address and let's have some explicit fun that I can record with my HMX-H100 Samsung camera! Confidentiality guaranteed!
  23. Wuzz UP doc. of Global Peace Making and World Economy? Wat' UP, doctor of International Covert Political & Financial Influencing & Interfering via money, power, and traitorous promises and methods for power to the gullible, EVERYWHERE wherever man has stepped onto? Even on the f8cking Moon itself? WuzAppenin5, bro doc.? What's ALWAYS up internationally, doc. and Nobel Peace Prize winner, aye? Have you made enough tons of cash yet by being a sufficiently diabolic advisor to any and ALL governments in existence in cases of emergency, even to the *ffing POPE, since 1968 and counting or do you still need another new Major corp.? Advisor Company to help you add MORE to your already grossly obese through political fraud portfolio?... [Sigh... I swear, this guy could easily have made it if he ever bothered to apply for the position of expected Moschiah of the Jews, with the Rabbis in Israel. Wonder why they haven't automatically recognized him as such, after all his beneficial influence on Israel's creation and all his efforts for World Peace. He does have a Nobel Peace Prize after all, doesn't he, Jews? Isn't that a requirement for your Messiah? That he brings world peace to the international table after banning all weapons? What, no? Are you looking for more requirements to be satisfied, perhaps? Isn't this dude's mother Jewish? Isn't somebody Jewish according to your tradition if even only the mother is Jewish? What exactly seems to be the problem with your unwillingness to pronounce internationally that he is the one? Why don't you please do all of us a favor and have the Rabbis nominate him for this position[27], to help your friendly Christians interpret correctly Rev. 2:27, 12:5 and 19:15 and praise your yhwh for revealing to us our right future religious and spiritual leader? What more proof do you want that he IS your expected Moschiah?
    here, have a go at it...
    "You have done well, me Son. Now, take the scepter and lead the world's nations into NWO peace and economical prosperity..."
    ] Jesus H. Christ Lord, Son of God Almighty screwing pretty ma'amzie virgins via divine Borg turbo-pipe insemination, Batman, I really dread to even think about what may happen before or after this dude's death. The Predators will probably decide to suddenly uncloak, skin him alive and hang him upside-down by his balls from his apartment's chandelier and after he dies snatch the corpse and after mummifying it ala Egyptian style, they will probably send parts of it to (Ras-)Putin to show him what happens to people who cause world wars or undesirable general strife. Putin will probably have an aneurism from the surprise gift. The Chilean and the Bangladeshi will have a religious feast memorial ala Santa Muerte style with courteous self-serving soup meals from the remaining remains and drink it to attain immortality and endurance. Wher's da MONEY, doc.? Da MONEY dat you OWE me, from the damage you caused to Cyprus and my Father's country and goverment? I WANT me MONEY, doc...!
    predator Warning
    (Made with help from: Yautja Language Translator and pinterest).
  24. Have to cut this funny chase short after seeing such colossal stupidity and spreading misinformation in this profile. Otherwise, I'd need a steady dose of Effexor to battle the depression I got after seeing all these malicious lies[19] about the dude (fictional or not) who supposedly said: "Love your neighbor as yourself"...
  25. Instead of recognizing my Father's government's efforts to defend our country from the turks and all local nazi-friendlies and troublemakers after the war and all supporting anti-nazi friendlies who gave their blood for defending and hiding Jews during the war, they infiltrated the government, hunted down my Father via an internal fascist traitor of Jewish-Greek descent and his Mossad connections with Moshe Dayan, upturned my Father's gov. and hence established the modern post-1974 democratic banana republic of Greece, which now continuously depends on always trying to cheaply finance new Energy resources, to save a perpetually failing economy. And by always begging Je GerMan(iac)s and the Yankers ad Perpetuum for more money. Now Greece cannot drill for its natural oil reserves, because the previous couple of dudes will gladly and without remorse finance these other military geniuses, the (t)Orcs, with enough military ordnance to nuke us into Jehovah's-Kingdom-Come oblivion, if we even try. Not even in our own seas, no less! Or in Cyprus' old territorial waters, after the tOrcs started salivating over occupied Cyprus' old territorial waters. And AFTER Cyprus' back was broken in half by large and generous wooden Turkish baseball bat. That's AFTER the tOrks got the green light to advance from a certain excellent National Security Advisor buddy World Peace Ph.D. doc., above. To conclude, 50 f*cking years worth of miserable sh*tloads of political constipation trouble and traitor politicians, just because these geniuses figured that they had to stop Greece's 1967-1973 gov. from building Nuclear Power Energy reactors, mistakenly thinking that they lost the first part of the Yom Kippur War because Papadopoulos was an "antisemite" after he refused US warplane resupplying on Crete on their way to support the Israelis, fearing that Greeks might one day turn nukey-nukey against them if he showed such "antisemitism" and if Greeks had nukes. Talk about Nostradamus-level prophetic political ingenuity, if nothing else. Here's a clue practiker Is-Raeli-ans: Papadopoulos refused air supply because he didn't like the idea of Greece being FOREVER dependent on the US or ANY other foreign oil. He already knew that we had some in the Aegean and he had already started drilling. Can you perhaps pick up the rest of the argument from here? Here are a couple more political argumentation tidbits to help with your slightly wanting mental capabilities: What kind of evil lunatic nutso do you think will ever dare think of attacking you with nukes, after the entire Western and Eastern coalition was mobilized to spank the maniacs responsible for the Holocaust? You can never be sure, eh? Yeah, I sort of understand. We have a saying here that goes: "When you get burned once, you'll blow air even against Yogurt". Yes, there MAY indeed be loons out there who are thinking about such unpredictable doggie mounting moves from behind but rest assured that's not us because we are CIVILIZED and have recognized and KNOW about racial unfairness and persecution, even against ourselves. Here's a couple of funny properties for CIVILIZED, in case you don't know much about it, for your unending spiritual and ethical edification. So, look elsewhere for such loons and genocidal maniacs first, and preferably according to their loony book traditions. [Sigh2... I've even bothered to send a couple of emails to Mossad to explain this, and these dudes responded after 2 days with "...(all 7 of) your messages could not be delivered because of a server error...". Can you say, "I don't see no visible, tactile or olfactory OBVIOUS GIGANTIC ELEPHANT in no room around nowhere, so please don't bother us, because we might get scared enough to become angry...". Riiiight. Maybe I should wait a bit and first send to all parliament parties here a couple of notes about whose secret agency employed snipers on top of buildings during the Athens Polytechnic Uprising so they can count correctly who's responsible for all the "deaths" during the uprising the commies have been proudly proclaiming about since 1973 - and which (ahem...,) the rightists have been suspiciously denying or know noting about. If these other φιλο-Nazi anti-semitic loons of Golden Thelematic Dawn even get a smell of this, we'll have a hoot! WooHoo! Imagine that, dear Jews! They'll probably break out of prison, brutally kill all the guards and escape to Switzerland to organize a new poste-restante vote democratic party there. Hey, one of them already has established a new party here, from prison! If you had the slighest €ffing idea how dangerous this dude is verbally - never mind physically, you'd be f*rting blood and bubbles from despair after seeing a next incarnation of the abominable one. Think fascista H*tler + o==33, who when physically restrained after a stronger opponent, changes narrative from very angry pseudo-patriotic and antisemitic threatening war-loving revolutionary to calm, quiet, and logical arbiter of general political injustice (but never of any of his previous party's associates). Check out his new webpage! One of his former buddies has already escaped to monetary cheese land and his former party's mentor helped overthrow Papadopoulos in a polyamorous embrace with Ioannides and the escaped dude's father. Check ED out[6.6], [6.7], [6.8] jewzies! Now, why don't you please go figure out the rest of your strategic relations with Greece and how they've evolved as a result of such a sublimely goofy move, 50-years ago... Don't forget to try to explain why the EastMed Israel-Cyprus-Greece pipeline construct was violently canceled by the Yankers without further notice... Oh, and please don't forget to pay an honorable visit to your always trusty Grand-visier protector Sultan. He only has the best interest for you and for Palestinians in mind. BEST a LUCK with this crazy Islamic t-Orc dictator. What? You already have? See ya LATERs, 50-year traditionally traitorous mofos!]
  26. Here's how the criticism started, for even crazier laughs. I post:
    1. a benign and innocent question on meta.math.SE, asking for a link to my old closed page.
    2. First comment, as you see it below: "Do you mean....page X, Y, Z?", by moderator Asaf Karagila, who has special tools as a moderator and can do grep searches on anyone's account, even on closed/hidden questions.
    3. Third comment by me, below:"Many thanks, ... should I presume that you have access because...?". etc.
    4. user21820 posts wiseguy b*tt-kEEsy comment (presumably to show he has a very "friendly" sense of humor and great admiration for the moderator) [since deleted]: "Asaf is a WIZARD in many areas (meaning: besides being a moderator who can do all kinds of wild searches on any (meta.)math.SE accounts) and can do X,Y,Z, regardless!..."
    5. I return the favor, with comment [since deleted]: "@user21820: You are a funny guy, eh? Here's a more "funny" joke, for your unending reading edification: link".
    6. Various people including some moderators read the link.
    7. Moderator deletes comments 4)(! why? what's wrong with user21820's nice and friendly comment?) and 5) above.
    8. I get banned from all x.SE accounts for a year(!) for arbitrarily bad x, y, z... behavior.
    Hehe! These moderators have absolutely no sense of sarcastic humor... If I didn't know any better, I'd think that some readers probably almost had a stroke from anger. Watch out for that high blood pressure folks! Anger against healthy humor can kill...! Next thing they'll probably be thinking of, is that I seriously expect I'll be unbanned sometime later without an apology. Cool...
  27. Please send all favorable candidacy votes of confidence for your favorite Moschiah to: info@henrykissinger.com and Share International. Here's mine already sent.