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"You are the guest star of the show!"

Mirage wrote:

> Infinity, the nearly anonymous poster of these messages tells us to be
> calm because death is the "great comforter".

Yes, it is, but for reasons quite unknown to the original poster.

> He says that death is a swift peaceful trip to the open arms of a
> friendly greeting.

"peaceful" is doubtful. "swift" depends on many factors, such as body robustness and hardware configuration. I had an uncle who was on the dying bed for 2 years, going in and out of coma every week or so. His brain was slowly deteriorating, but otherwise his body was in excellent condition. He couldn't speak or move, but you should see him eat!. I'd hate to be in such a position. I'd rather go like my father. Quick heart attack, and bingo.

> It is just as likely that death is a maddeningly long boring journey
> where one steps off into a welcome wagon of smiling recipients who are
> actually debt-inducing slave-drivers. One feels indebted to the
> "rescuers", and willingly gets suckered into a brainwashing ride into
> strip mining.

Everything is likely, Julian. My favorite is being given a choice of two excellent paths:

1) Reincarnate without any memory whatsoever of any previous lives,
2) Pass into non-existence,

The guardians are kind enough to ask you which one do you prefer. Of course your answer will be:
"Um, ahm, um, can I think about it a little bit?"

"Hurry up boy, we don't have an eternity to spare! How long do you need to decide?"

"How about 2 billion years?"

"What??...Throw him into an Atari circuit. He is a loser..."

"No, no! Not the Atari circuit! I will enter into a new phetus. PLEASE!!!"

"Are u sure boy? It hurts to be born again."

"Well maybe, the other alternative, then. What is it like?"

"Non-existence? It's easy".

"Since there is no such thing, you will stay in your decaying body and gradually transfer into the worms that will eat you. IF you are lucky and there are worms around in your grave. If you are really lucky, you can expect a rat to have opened a hole into your grave and munch on some of your rot, so you will go into the rat. Then you will stay in the rat, until some stray cat eats the rat and you go in the cat. It's an interesting trip. However, you understand why humans bury the dead. So that their consciousness gets collected by the Earth. Of course you may request to be burned, in which case you will spread into the air molecules. Gradually, after some thousands of years, some animal or human may breathe those molecules and you may end up in that animal. But nothing is certain. You will of course be largely unconscious until you enter a conscious life form....Take your pick, boy...You may even be lucky and have ants nearby your grave. The ant colony is a wonderful place, you know..."

"Holy f*&$%...!! Please let me go back to my original body!"

"Ah, this is for technical reasons impossible now. See, you have exhausted your time reserves for this life. You have to decide and it has to be quick. Hurry up boy..."

"Wait, wait, what about all this good God stuff? Is it false?"

"Technically, no. But WE have reserved those positions for us. You are too late for such a position..."

"Ugly, fucking, stupid, bastards! this is eternal torture!.."

"You bet your silly ass it is. What did you think this would be? A trip to wonderland? Hurry up with the decision boy..."

"I want to go into the sun.."

"Space is reserved and was filled up since very long time ago. Next choice..."

"I am hopeless. You choose for me. I quit..."

"Good boy. Put him into the electrons of a blackboard in a high school in Pennsylvania. You will get to see new students every new year. Course you won't be able to say a thing. It's a minor technical detail you see. People think that inanimates are unconscious. But we know better now, don't we? Heheh. It's fun to be God, damnit. Somebody has to make those tough decisions since you fucking losers cannot...."

"But I did want to go to the Sun..."

"The Sun? Let's see what Mr. Sun sez:"

(Sun)" Don't let the loser get any closer, coz I will eject an ion flare and a gamma burst that will burn California...."

"See? We can't do anything about that. Sorry."

"Damned if you do, damned if you don't, isn't it?"

"Bravo! Your transfer into another human has been sped up by one year for being a quick learner. No off you go to the blackboard in Pennsylvania...."

"We will get you for this, one day. One day bastards..."

"Perhaps boy, perhaps...." ...

Accordingly then...

> The questions to be asked are:
> 1. What are the traits of the perfect race?

They are "The Gods" or "God" whichever you prefer.

> 2. Do these traits exist, or is there no ideal biorhythm?

Not anymore. See, just before the big bang, those super smart entities, escaped outside the expanding universe and are not thus subject to fate and probabilistic causality like we are. As such, they can control our fate from the outside just for fun.

> 3. Will this perfect race be achieved before an evil empire arrives
> and flourishes?

They are the evil empire. And there is nothing we can do about it, except enjoy what we have NOW. If you make plans to overthrow them, you may go into that Atari circuit for the next 60 years. After that, who knows? They may throw you into some sort of virtual reality game where you are a duck and there is a virtual hunter with an ax in the same game.

> 4. Is the arrival of the perfect race inevitable?

The arrival of the perfect race happened exactly 20 billion years ago, just before the bang. And they are here to stay.

> There are probably quite a few more appropriate questions. But raising
> these is ten times better than the constant rehashing in the article
> this follows up. The texture of the in search of god in infinity is:
> message
> mssgeae
> gssmaea
> msagmea
> gassems
> massage
> Fucking repetitive as hell, probably supposed to induce hypnosis and
> code embedment.

That, I agree with.

> Julian
> --
> I want to be the one to walk in the sun

Boy, do I love good jokes...