An Encounter With Death

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"There's only one God and his name is Death. And there's only one thing we say to Death: 'Not today...'" --- George R. R. Martin

God of Death
An encounter with Death

If you are resilient enough and hence fortunate enough to have survived the death of one (or both) of your parents which is The First Death (actually it may be far worse than that, like maybe around The First One Hundred Deaths, but never mind that), you may be lucky enough to survive an actual encounter with Death Himself.

I was lucky in that I survived one such encounter. And I don't mention this in order to boast, rather to warn others, because He left me an explicit message after this encounter.

He can come from anywhere or anything. I saw Him while I was waiting for the tram, on the tram station outside my mother's house.

The first thing I remember is realizing that I was on my hands and knees, looking for my glasses. While in this posture, I recall looking up to see what or who hit me, because something or someone had hit me in the eyes. Something or someone hit me with such tremendous force on my eyes, to the extent that I was temporarily blinded, completely incapacitated, with my balance lost and fallen on my face on the ground, unconscious.

It was as if something or someone moved at such a tremendous speed and it was impossible to determine whence or where it came. It was as if He just appeared, out of nowhere.

After regaining consciousness and upon looking up, I remember seeing the Sun and next to it a dark, tall, possibly black figure, who was standing above me, looking at me, but I could not discern any features. I could not tell if it was a human being or something non-human. The only thing I remember is that He looked dark. Much darker than the tremendous glow of the Sun, whose image was shinning next to Him.

As I was trying to gather more information, it was made clear to me that whatever this something or someone was, it was very fast, very powerful and the energy from its blow was extremely well concentrated, focused and balanced. He found immediately the most efficient way to incapacitate me. It was as if He knew exactly my weakness and where to strike at.

The speed, swiftness and power of His strikes was something like the strikes of Steven Seagal, only infinitely faster and more powerful.

As I was trying to determine what hit me, that dark something or someone told me: "I will spare you this time, but be VERY careful, because I will be watching you...".

Of course it goes without saying that all this happened in a dream. Had it happened in real life, I would probably be dead already.

In any case, his message was short, brief and to the point. It was a warning of sorts.

But now, it is time for Him to finish the job. Good fucking riddance.

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