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The two Abrahami's Laws:
  1. "If you believe that God exists, God will hide for the duration of your life" --- Abrahami's First Fundamental Law for the Existence of God.
  2. "If you believe that God DOESN'T exist, God will reincarnate as your father" --- Abrahami's Second Fundamental Law for the Existence of God.

Grandfather Galidakis
Grandfather(pg. 2, Father of Excellence)

Γ' γυμνάσιον Πειραιώς, απόφοιτοι, Γαλιδάκης Νικόλαος του Ιωάννου
Father's Class Graduates, Γ' Gymnasium, Pireus, 1947.

Christos Galidakis
Father's brother Christos, who died at 19 from a heart attack in fear after the bombing of Pireus by the Allies, in 1944 ([89]).

extended Father's family
Father's Mother Maria (pg. 2, [23]), Father's Mother's sister Eleutheria (pg. 2), Theodora Mousiou[39], mother[13] and this author at Καθαρά Δευτέρα celebrations on Hymettus' forrest, 1975. One year before Father's return to the Parthenonos 33 residence in 1976, with Father's 1969 VW bug[1] parked.

at the Parthenonos 33 residence 1976
Father at his Parthenonos 33 Residence, after his return in 1976, after spending 3 years with "name" in Switzerland and after his govermental betrayal by Ioannides & cia.

mom's brother 1
Mother's brother #1 - Antonis, circa 1944 (months before murdered by nazi collaborators). Pencil sketch by himself(!)

mom's brother 2
Mother's father and brother #2 - Manos, junior at Guards School, circa 1944 (months before murdered by nazi collaborators).

grandfather band director
Mother's father - band director/conductor, mother and brothers sitting along 8-th Military Division's music band, in Ioannina, circa 1934.

father and mother leaving gala
Father and mother leaving gala, 1968.

Just married!
Just married, circa 1956.

Perfect parents!
Perfect parents! (1968)

Perfect style
Stylish and ready for gala, circa 1968.

Dad 7 Rigos family
Father and Nik. Rigos couples in style around Athens, circa 1958.

Perfect parents
Perfect parents #2 in Paris, circa 1969.

Merklin toy train
Märklin toy train, scale HO


  1. Volkswagen 1,300cc Export, special edition, with Westfalia-Stuttgart sign driving-wheel.