On Suicide

Version 1.0 of 11/5/2011-9:30 p.m.

Don't do it. Only when you have reached the higher levels of understanding of what it means to be alive, you will be able to understand the horror which awaits you if you are successful in your attempt.

Many can certainly understand your pain which is responsible for you in thinking of doing so. And it is only reasonable, since many are in similar distressing states.

To get a glimpse of the gravity of the situation, it helps a lot to read about the rules which The Universe has set up for this world. Just in case you are not in the mood to read those rules, let me tell you a little about The Universe:

The Universe is a brutal, capitalist, remorseless killing machine. Your have been set up as an experiment by The Universe, to test your resilience to pain, anguish, misfortune and distress.

In the course of your life, The Universe will push you to your limits and the fact that you are reading this page means that your tolerance has probably been reached.

Even if this is the case, don't even think about suicide. You may well be a totally rational person who thinks that there's no life to be had after death, so you may be convinced that terminating this life will end the pain. Don't be fooled.

The Universe is so inconceivably sinister and evil, it is perfectly conceivable for it to concoct a situation where you will be resurrected in some higher plane, in some completely different environment and with such severe memory damage, which may cause infinite further torment in that new environment, precisely because it was determined by The Universe that you did not appreciate the life you were given, even if this life was full of misery and pain.

Committing suicide is not the way to get out of here. It is an almost guaranteed way to get into more trouble than what you are in here. Don't trust your reason which tells you otherwise.

For a gentle introduction to what may await you before suicide, see the film: Cube Zero. For a gentle introduction to what may await you after suicide, see the films: Ink and of course, The Matrix Trilogy.