The Tunnel Dweller

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underground bergen street station
Underground Bergen Street Station from the movie Jacob's Ladder.

The next thing that happened, was me tripping inside what appeared to be a tunnel of some sort. It was a train tunnel. Similar to the tunnel of the Chicago elevated train, on the part when it went under the city. I estimated its length to have been around 30-40 kilometers.

It was quite an elaborate network of tunnels. There were points under there, where several different caves merged, and you could see the tracks joining illuminated at the junction by bright yellow sodium lights. At other places, there was but a single tunnel, with one set of tracks, dark, with me staring at both directions, trying to make sense of where I was, or why I was there.

For the most part, it was all dark, with the exception of the underground stations, a couple of which were visible on both directions, where you could see people sparingly waiting for the next train, and gathered together closely under the artificial yellow lights.

Sewer water was dripping down from the top of the tunnel, and there was a distinguished stench of water which had been stale.

The ground was murky and you could only walk on the tracks. It was not safe to explore the track section though, because every now and then, a high speed train would pass by and could easily dismember you very effectively.

You had the distinct impression that although it looked like a regular train tunnel, it was something not really on this planet. However, most of the regular characteristics that show up on usual train tunnels, were there, except that it was really deep. Hundreds of feet deep under the surface of whatever place you were at.

There was also a strange conviction that the people who were using the train, or at least what appeared to be like people on the far away stations, were using it not because they wanted to travel, rather because they wanted to "avoid" something. Or, to put it plainly, speed, was very important somehow, contrary to the fact that I was positioned in an in between point, incapable of even running on the murky ground.

A train passed by, or what appeared to be a moving train, anyway, with a speed of 70-80 miles per hour, and although I could not see well inside because of the speed, I explicitly remember seeing all the passengers inside, being turned against the windows, watching outside the train with great curiosity and interest. It was as if they were expecting to see something. They did not even notice me. They couldn't have, at this speed, anyway.

Another train passed by, and again the same observation. All the passengers were looking outside with increased interest.

Just before the third train, I decided to shift my perception the next time a train passed, from the passengers, to the area outside the train itself.

After a couple of minutes, another train zoomed by. I did prepare myself, because I could see it coming from afar. Along with the train though, my eye caught what appeared to be another moving object, with little red lights, that was passing along, running in parallel with the main bulk of what I identified as the main train.

It, too, was moving at a high speed, and was running along the train's side, being at a constant zero relative speed to the main object. I do remember seeing various colorful lights on it, like little LEDs, but it zoomed so fast against me, that I was unable to make more detail.

The next train ran slower at a speed of 40 miles an hour. Then, I made clearly what was that was running along with the trains. It appeared to be a life form of sorts, and the passengers were observing it through the windows. This life form was aware of this fact, and was doing the same, although it was using its own devices for locomotion. It appeared to be able to run effectively at speeds close to 80 miles an hour.

train passengers near bergen street station
Underground Train Passengers near Bergen Street Station from the movie Jacob's Ladder.

The passengers of the last train were delighted. They were pointing at the outside "object" as if it had some very special meaning. I could see people showing their kids and others trying to communicate with the object outside.

At a distance of 30 kilometers from where I was at, the life form abandoned the train and stalled. I was somehow transported close to it-not physically, mentally- and I got a clearer view. It was approximately 7 feet tall, and was composed of intricate electronics. It appeared to be biological in nature, but its boundaries were constantly shifting. Becoming circuits at one time, becoming flesh the other. It had no clear description. At one time, part of its main body changed into pictures of trains passing by, at other points, part of it disassembled into a void black nothing. It was as if this "thing" was dwelling between existence and non-existence.

When I tried to look at it, face to face, I only saw an ellipsoid gasket, full of electronic components, and hundreds of little LEDs that were going on and off. When I tried to glance at its body, it disappeared, only to reappear when I was looking at it sideways using peripheral vision.

It appeared to be concerned with one of its particular mechanical functions, and was clearly unaware of my presence. Then, as one more train showed up on the tunnel horizon, I saw it focusing on the new target, and putting its electronic apparatuses in sync with trying to intercept it.

Then, as if totally predictable, it increased its speed and matched that of the passing train, looking again at the train's insides, while the passengers were observing it.

It appeared as though speed was vital to this kind of strange communication between the train passengers and it, whatever it was.  It was made clear to me that neither the train passengers, nor it, could actually meet face to face, except in this peculiar way, for some obscure reason, that had to do with the framework of this reality.

It was as if speed was the unifying factor, behind some sort of greater understanding between "it" and the passengers. And this "understanding" was somehow impossible, without the two objects meeting at high speeds. On the other hand, it, having been able to "communicate" only via this kind of mode, it was totally oblivious to any presence that was stationary. Thus, I felt somewhat safe, although its image did not overflow me with feelings of friendliness.

I slowly came to the realization that all these tunnels were actually built by it and the passengers, so they could meet half way, via this high speed chase. Neither were these actual train tunnels, nor were the moving objects actually trains.

They were some sort of device that allowed this strange interaction between "it" and the regular inhabitants, that aided in this strange symbiotic relationship.

I was also subsequently informed by one of the guardians that it would be unsafe for me to continue to stay inside one of those tunnels, as they "had a very high probability of collapsing, any minute now..." Whatever that meant.

I remember asking the guardian if I could approach it, and see it closer. The answer was: "Only whilst moving as fast as you can, next to it." So I conjectured, would I be able to move fast enough so we can meet?

The guardian caused my gradual acceleration, to a high speed, what appeared to be something like 100 miles an hour, or maybe faster, inside the tunnel.

The creature, as soon as I reached 20 miles an hour, spotted me immediately, and prepared to intercept me. It subsequently accelerated, and finally reached me, sitting at a relative speed of zero, next to me.

I did take a good look at it: It was an intricate machine-like structure, that had the incredible capacity of creating a certain visual illusion for the entity that was looking at it. I do remember vividly looking at the complex circuitry, and a soon as I was trying to distinguish its various parts, a luminous sphere, full of sunlight, a regular day reality environment, began growing on top of it.

The next thing I remember, was being inside this illusionary reality that the creature created. I am writing this, being still inside this illusion.

The only part I did not understand, was the "high probability of collapse" thing.

Perhaps, there has to be "someone", or "something", between existence and non-existence, who has to guard against this "probability of collapse". The most horrendous realization though, is that that "someone" would never be able to come into contact with us, because of the nature of his task.

It's such a sad fact. And to think of how much knowledge we could have gained by just communicating with this "someone", who has enough of it, to sustain the very framework of reality.

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