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"As you've adequately put it, the problem is Choice" --- The Architect's Speech to Neo

It is not that we are not immortal. It is that we forget about it. And when we forget about it, serious side effects occur. One of it is death.

No, you were not built to die. You will die only if you forget that you are immortal. You do have those moments of eternal solemn bliss, when you are by yourself, so happy, when at night after work you look at Vega and its bright blue light shows you who you really are, don't you? Doesn't something tell you, deep inside, that you are made of some sort of divine seed?

Don't you ever have those moments when this strange conviction overwhelms you, that you are truly immortal? But then, the next morning, when you wake up and look in the mirror as you brush your teeth, you say to yourself: "Gawd, this, can't possibly be immortal". So you forget about it, until next time you look at Vega.

It is actually a choice, you see, and you will have to make that choice consciously, sooner or later. When you are close to death, the committee of the 12, 12 white bearded men dressed in impressive Ancient Greek robes, will come by you and ask you if you want to continue. They will plead with you to continue in another body. "We need you to stay with the light. Please come with us. It isn't so bad after all. The only painful moment is the moment of birth. What have you got to lose? Then for 18 years, your parents will take care of you, and the time will pass like an instant. Then, before you even know it, you will again realize that you always have been alive, and you will feel happy you incarnated again".

Of course, non remembrance is a necessary prerequisite for continuation. You cannot possibly remember your past lives, because it will interfere with your karma.

But next to your death bed, along with the committee of the 12, there is another visitor. He looks like a bum, with an age old torn cape, unwashed and dusty hair and a scepter which has the shape of a snake. He will speak loudly, so that everyone in the committee can hear him.

"Hypocrites, liars, thieves of human souls! You, who since time immemorial, have managed to convince the poor subjects to continue, so that you can keep enjoying the fruits of Godhood! You, who refuse to acknowledge the pain and suffering and misery of the humans, and the only thing that interests you is for them to keep resupplying your throne of Godhood. Get lost from my sight and let ME speak to this poor subject...."

Then he will turn to you and say: "Dear beloved, don't believe them. They are actually trying to prevent their own downfall. You have as much right to want to stop, as to continue. But don't be deceived: I, once, long time ago, made a pact with the whole committee, that if I continued to incarnate forever, at one point they would accept me into their own society and have me as an equal. You can think of me as the 13-th member of the committee. The unlucky 13-th, if you will. I have incarnated millions of times, every time them promising a full-fledged, productive and fruitful life, full of comforts and love. So I signed a contract with them, binding my cycles of reincarnation to help humanity and to always teach others to do the same. However, what they are not mentioning to you, is that if one of you becomes like them, one of them has to leave and enter the carnal world again. And they don't really want this, you see. They have managed to isolate themselves from causality and are controlling Earth's karma from their abode. If one of you makes it, that one will displace one of them. And the displacement is not at all pleasant, because, you see, then this one of them that gets displaced, will fall back into the carnal world and start trying from the start to reach them. The sad point about all this, is that the positions available for incarnation for them, are only positions with very bad karma, which nobody wants. So if you manage to displace them, those that get displaced, go into beggars, gypsies, lame, sick and starving. Can you see what I look like? Every time I displace one of them, and I have displaced all of them many times, they switch the rules of the game and they throw me into those positions. As you can see, deer beloved, this is not a fair game. My actual position is up there, with them. But they won't allow me to enter...."

"What is your name?" was the only thing that came to my mind.

"My name is Eosphoros, because I was the first one to make humans realize their new potential, by teaching them all those things. I was the one who taught you how to cultivate corn, how to make bronze and iron malleable, how to tame animals, how to use science to gain control over nature and how to free yourselves from the bonds of that early persistent meme, called Jehovah. The Jehovah, was a meme implanted into your society by them, so that nobody could ever escape and enter into their abode. I was the one who taught you how to smoke those two plants that free the mind of the meme of Jehovah. Cannabis and Tobacco. Cannabis is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and Tobacco is the Tree of Life. You had to smoke Cannabis to see that there is no Jehovah, and you had to smoke Tobacco to find the strength to continue after knowing the Truth. Cannabis, allows you to remember your immortality. If you don't smoke it often, you will forget that you are an immortal, and gradually acquire diseases and become sicker and sicker, eventually dying. Tobacco is the hope. If you don't smoke it often, you will eventually fall depressed and wither from depression, from knowing the Truth. Because the Truth hurts. You may of course had chosen neither one, in which case you would be a total agnostic, but in danger of being trapped by the Jehovah forever, never knowing the Truth. I am the snake of the garden of Eden. Does that tell you something?"

"Don't listen to him dearest" one from the committee of the 12 responded.

"He has been a destructive element from time immemorial, trying to uproot us and implant disorder into life. His only motive is the creation of chaos and tumult. He is not your friend. Do what we say and you will have a good, productive and happy life. Only we can control you karma. If we want, we can indeed throw you into a beggar or a lame. So it is best for you to ignore him. Consider yourself warned dearest..."

"But, gentlemen, both of you have an equal right to exist and manifest, wouldn't you say? Isn't it true that both him and you (as a committee) have the same right to exist and operate? Isn't it true that without him, there wouldn't be a game, because nobody would know about its rules? Isn't it also true that without you, this man would immediately claim Godhood? So, is it really important for me to make this decision? And if it is important, doesn't it seem like any decision would be as good as any other?"

"No! Without him, all would be perfect. We would be able to establish the perfect order in this universe and all the miss happenings will cease. The world would return to its normal sublime perfect state, prior to the interfering of this man. This man has given you knowledge which was ultimately misused, thus your bad fate as a society. It is not our fault. It is His fault".

"Heh, how proper, wouldn't you say? Did you really expect them to say anything else? Of course they are lying. Without me, the rebel, their opposer, you would all be blind dogs, following karma, leading exceedingly blind lives, without ever hoping to be salvaged and jumping out of the game. See, they have no interest of ever leaving their positions or letting you become Gods. They would gladly stay there forever, keeping you all like blind followers of your fate."

At this point, a sudden realization came to me and I exclaimed to all of them:

"Gentlemen, has any of you tried the NEW Baballooba superdooper bubble gum? Extra large bubbles, long lasting flavor, and no sugar! I think my decision will be: "I want some Baballoba bubble gum. NOW"

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