Screenshots from the classic version of Virtual Composer

abc converter
Online abc code generator dump

Accelerando dialog
Continuously Accelerating a Section of Scriabin's Fugue-Sonata

Clipboard window
Copying a Selected Channel to the Clipboard

CruxVoudon score
Crux Voudon's Opening Bars

Disassembly window
QuickTime Player Disassembly Dump with Controler/Rest/Note and MIDI Opcodes and Identifiers

Edit Preferences
Edit Preferences Dialog

Etude 05 part 2
Chopin's Etude Opus 25 #5, Middle Section with triplets

Etude 05 part 3
Chopin's Etude Opus 25 #5, Last Section with Arpeggios

Fantasia per liuto
Weiss's Fantasia Per Liuto

Fugue II Well Tempered Clavier II
Augmented Theme (Blue), Theme in Contrary Motion (Green) and Theme (Red) in Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier Book II, Fugue II, with Dynamics and Channel Coloring and With Digital Overview Piano Roll Window

Fugue IV Well Tempered Clavier I
First Countersubject (Blue), Second Countersubject (Green) and Theme (Red) in Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier Book I, Fugue IV, with Dynamics and Channel Coloring and With Digital Overview Piano Roll Window

Scriabin Fugue Sonate
Scriabin's Fugue-Sonata

Fugue XX Well Tempered Clavier I
Successive Themes (Purple, Red, Blue) in Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier Book I, Fugue XX, with Different Coloring Indicating Different Voices and Digital Overview Window

Fugue XXII Well Tempered Clavier I
Stretto With Five Voices Near the End of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier Book I, Fugue XXII, With Different Coloring Indicating the Different Voices

French Suite Gigue
Different Voice Themes in Bach's Gigue From French Suites With Digital Overview Window

Global QuickTime Controllers
Global Channel Controllers Dialog

Advanced Heuristics Dialog
Heuristics Dialog

score information dialog
Document Information Dialog

Lute Suite Sarabande
Coupled Sarabande/Double From Bach's English Suites, With Ten Voices

Piano Spectrum
Fourier Spectrum of QuickTime Piano Sample

Play Preferences
Playing Preferences Dialog, With Memory Window in the Background

Scriabin Prelude
Scriabin Prelude With Triplets and Sextuplets

Search Dialog
Pattern Search Dialog

Select Instrument Dialog
QuickTime Instrument Selection Dialog

Sine Spectrum
Fourier Spectrum Resembling a Dirac Delta of a QuickTime Sine Wave Sample

Sinfonia 09
Bach's Sinfonia #9 With Theme (Red) and Countersubjects (Green, Blue, Yellow)

Square Spectrum
Fourier Spectrum of a QuickTime Square Wave Sample

Statistics window
Statistics Window

Lute Suite Courante
Bach's Courante from Lute Suite #1

Lute Suite Sarabande
Sarabande from Bach's Lute Suite #1

Temperaments Dialog
Different Intonations Dialog and Local Controllers in Bach's Goldberg Variation #5

Goldberg Variation 28
Opening of Bach's Goldberg Variation #28

Music XML generator
Online MusicXML Generator Dump