An 11x80 Chinon, 20x100 Apogee and Tasco 60mm/700mm Observing Report From Antiparos

Version 1.2.2 of 22/4/2010-4:15 p.m.

After the author with his Equipment came back from the Greek island of Antiparos which lies in the middle of the Aegean[1][2]. After 1-2 hours of night adaptation:

Date: Friday 6 August, 2004. Skies: 5+

Date: Saturday 7 August. Skies: 5.4+

Date: Sunday 8 August. Skies: 6.0+

Date: Monday 9 August. Skies: 6.2+

Date: Tuesday 10 August. Skies: 5.5+

Date: Tuesday 10 August. Skies: 6.7+


  1. For comparisons, the author used the book Turn Left at Orion, by Guy Consolmagno, ISBN 0-521-34090-X.
  2. For digital sketches, consult this page.

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